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Gamer’s Gullet – Berry Oreo Review


That Medicine Flavor –

Nabisco is starting to take the world famous Oreo into new directions by offering a slew of new flavors including mint, chocolate, birthday cake, ice cream, peanut butter, and even watermelon. Truth be told, it is getting a little out of control and no one can keep up with all this.

Wonderfilled? Yeah, they are filled with wonder – I wonder why they filled this with $#&*?!

Wanting to dip my toe in this unexplored territory, my local Target had a single package of new Berry Oreos left on the shelf. Because there was only one package left I assumed the cookie eating public of America was enjoying these fruit filled wafers. Unfortunately, either the average consumer doesn’t know what a good cookie should taste like or Target only put one on the shelf as an experiment to see if a sucker, like me, would be curious enough to buy it.

Take your medicine!

Instead of the white cream filling that everyone knows and loves, the inside is composed of a raspberry pink hue with little, assuming, random berry particles. Disappointingly, it just isn’t very good.

Remember that cough syrup your mom used to give you when you were a kid? Or you know that disgusting taste of cherry, not the typical strawberry, Twizzlers? Well, it is pretty much like that. Overall, this cookie is rather confusing to the taste buds because the black cookie exterior is still the same Oreo cooking you have been eating all your life but the inside reminds me of being examined by a doctor for Strep. You can eat one out of curiosity and happily call it a day. But there is no chance of eating an entire sleeve in four minutes like how anyone can of the original addictive Oreo cookie.

There are red bits in there

This is a bummer because I am a guy who likes fresh fruit, especially berries. This, however, is not how berries should taste and be treated. I love Oreo cookies and I love berries but I do not like Berry Oreos. They managed to ruin two things I care about with one swoop.


Not As Good As: the original Oreo cookie

Better Than: antibiotics

Also Try: those flavored tongue depressor things


By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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