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Game Characters Who Use Twitter

489Meggo the Eggo

Game characters from popular game series are on Twitter and tweeting their (oftentimes automated) hearts out. Typically, they’re powered by a bot, or a Twitter account that’s programmed to tweet and respond all on its own. A majority of these game character accounts and bots are made by Japanese fans and are often are in Japanese, but some English-language  examples, such as Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield (not listed in this article) and Red Dead Redemption’s John Marston exist.

This is the first in a series about Japanese game twitter bots—what they say, who made them, and how you can interact with them (Seriously, I have to be insane for launching a new game series during E3 week). The first edition is all about FPS-related bots from Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid, Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty. Check out what your favorite game characters are tweeting about below.


[Male Splicer]: Don’t run! We’ve only just begun! You’re always running away from me! And I only just want to talk!

Splicers (@Splicers_bot)
Followers: 12
Following: 19
Tweets: 958
Manager: @2D_exe, formerly known as @MISUZU_exe.
Explanation: n/a

BioShock might only have one Japanese bot to its name on Twitter, but the Splicers account contains all the random, foreboding ramblings of many Rapture inhabitants, including Sander Cohen, Dr. Steinmann, the Rapture PSA broadcast, male Splicers, female Splicers, the Little Sisters, and Mama Raisa—which I think might be the Japanese name for the Splicers that push the baby carriages (even those are called Leadhead Splicers in the U.S. version?!).

Unlike the detailed Metal Gear Solid accounts mentioned below, the Splicers account doesn’t have any response functionality.


John Marston (@Johnny Marston)
Followers: 54
Following: 11
Tweets: 75
Manager: n/a
Explanation: n/a

One day after Red Dead Redemption debuted in North America, Johnny Marston jumped on Twitter to tell tales of the wild west (mostly through the use of the mobile web/cell phone apparently). He’s definitely not a bot and doesn’t seem to be maintained by Rockstar Games, but is a hoot to read.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be as popular on Twitter as he was in Red Dead, and (at the time of posting this article) he stopped updating on May 23rd. Sadly, it might be time to take this Twitter account out to pasture.


So you have an interest in cardboard as well? Is that so? Well, then let me explain to you the finer details of cardboarding! How about it?

Solid Snake
Followers: 1, 120
Following: 1,125
Tweets: 56, 868
Explanation of bot:

The Metal Gear bots are all very well-made compared to other series’ bots mostly because they reply to many different words and scenarios. For example, according to the explanation above, you can play rock, paper, scissors (which is strangely popular in Japan) with Snake and he tweets a reply that said whether you won or lost. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Snake’s bot quotes lines are quotes from MGS1, MGS2, and a bit from MGS3, although most of his tweets are replies to followers, rather than quotes. Snake doesn’t mention anything from MGS4 (so don’t expect anything from Peacewalker to be added in anytime soon), but the person who made the bot, @solid_kanri, wrote on the MGS bot explanation page that he or she has added some of their own jokes in. Solid Snake also mentions other MGS characters such as Otakon, Huey and Liquid Snake.

A majority of his replies are just greetings saying good morning or good night to his followers, or saying he doesn’t understand someone’s tweet. Every now and then though, he responds to one of the following comments listed below:

Japanese English approx. translation
If you type “janken” (rock, paper, scissors), then you and Snake will play janken.└Snake will reply with “Win” or “Lose”
『はらへ』を含むリプライで食べ物くれます。 If you say “I’m hungry,” then Snake will give you food.
『興ざめ』を含むリプライで素直に謝ってくれます。 If you say “Killjoy,” then he’ll reply with an apology.
『好き』『愛してる』等で乾いた返事をしてくれます。 If you say “I like you,” “I love you,” etc., then he’ll respond wryly.
『かわいい』って言うと…? If you say “You’re cute”…?
『かっこいい』って言うと…? If you say “You’re cool”…?
『性欲』…? “Sexual desire”…? [Seriously, I’m not making this one up]
『ダンボール』…? “Cardboard”…?


I don’t know. Is this reality or just a game?

Raiden (@raiden_bot)
Followers: 841
Following: 852
Tweets: 20, 888
Manager: @shouko36013

The Raiden bot’s responses are just as uniquely tailored as Snake’s.He tweets quotes from MGS2, MGS4 and the MGS Digital Graphic Novel every hour. He also responds to simple greetings, such as “good morning,” “good night,” and “see you later”.

Japanese Rough English translation
If you say “rice,” “I’m starving,” “I’m hungry,” then he’ll give you food.
If you say “delicious,” “gross,” or “I don’t want it,” and tell him your thoughts on his food then…
If you mention “hairpiece” or “wig” then he’ll talk to you about hairpieces…
Don’t know exactly what the Japanese words mean there, but they translate  directly to “simple weak inflexible person”. Maybe “simple, gutless bonehead” is more accurate? Anyway, he’ll get angry.
If you say “lobster” or “ration”
If you say “Shut up” or “I hate you,” then
If you say “heal” or “encourage,” then he’ll return the kind words or actions.
If you say “like,” “cute,” “cool,” or “marriage,” then he’ll reply coldly and shy away.
If you say “hug” or “glomp,” then he’ll hug you. Watch out!
堀内賢雄氏の「All night? All right! 〜夜を始めよう〜」のサビの歌いだしを歌うと…

If you say “Let’s start the night,” then he’ll sing  Kenyuu Horiuchi’s “All right? All right! Let’s start the night!”.

・他、季節や年間行事にあわせた反応単語もあります He’ll respond to other season- or holiday-related words.

Raiden also has special vocabulary for hardcore fans, according to the site explaining his reactions and responses. He are some rough translations.
1. “As we all know Raiden’s hair is fuwafuwa—light and fluffy. So let’s pet (mofumofu) his hair.”
2. This point encourages you to test the limits of sexually harassing Raiden and to touch his butt. Hm.
3. You can also send him kisses.

Raiden, like Snake, will also respond to holiday-related comments. You can also find the following characters from the Metal Gear series on Twitter:
Hal Emmerich (@halemmerich_bot), Otacon (@otacon_bot), Roy Campbell (@roy_campbell), Mei Ling (@meiling_bot), Gray Fox (@GrayFox_bot), Mr. Miller (@miller_bot),
Liquid Snake (@liquidsnake_bot), Revolver Ocelot (@ocelot_bot), Mantis (@mantis_bot), Net Mantis (@netamantis_bot), Solidus Snake (@solidus_bot), Naked Snake (@NakedSnake_bot), The Boss (@The_Boss_bot), EVA (@EVA_bot), Major Zero (@major_zero_bot), Paramedic (@parame_bot), Young Ocelot (@OcelotYouth_bot), Null (mgs_null),
Old Snake (@oldsnake_bot), Kazuhira Miller (@kazuhira_bot), Paz Ortega Andrade (paz_bot__), Galvez (galvez_bot), Strangelove (Strangelove_bot), Chico (_chico_bot),
Mother Base Soldiers (MGSPW_bot).


Captain MacMillan (@MacMillan_bot1)
Followers: 7
Following: 60
Tweets: 11, 171
Manager: n/a
Explanation: n/a

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 bots are unfortunately undeveloped compared to the Metal Gear bots. But MacMillan’s bot account is most interesting to me because it’s bilingual. I mean why wouldn’t you want to know how to say “Standby to engage…”  (Matte, motto hikitsukero) in Japanese and English. What if you’re lost in Tokyo and have to take down Godzilla with only a trainful of people under your command? That’s why MacMillan_bot1 has your back.

Anyway, MacMillan’s quotes seem to loop quickly. Probably because he tweets every five minutes without fail.

Ghost (@MW2_Ghost_bot)
Followers: 21
Following: 22
Tweets: 3,671
Manager: n/a

MW2_Ghost_bot is pretty simple as well. Every 30 minutes, it posts English quotes from COD: MW2. It only responds four phrases in English and Japanese: “Good morning” (ohayo), “good night” (oyasumi), “clear!” (kurea!), and “help me!” (tasukete!).

*numbers of Followers, Following and Tweets are from time of posting*
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