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Frogger Crosses Street in 3D



Konami announced that Frogger 3D is now available for the Nintendo 3DS.  The excitement of Frogger's timeless run-and-dodge gameplay is back and better than ever, all in 3D and just in time for Frogger's 30th Anniversary celebration.

Featuring new graphics, novel levels twists and new friends to help Frogger make it across the way, Frogger 3D introduces the classic Frogger gameplay on an all-new platform. Using the tight controls on the 3DS, players can run, dash, and dodge past moving obstacles and enemies. Players can also team up with some of Frogger's special frog friends in certain levels to destroy obstacles, absorb damage or light the way in dark spaces.

Featuring 6 new worlds to explore including New York, the Far East and even Space, players can experience 60 uniquely challenging stages throughout the game. Gamers will have all new elements and environments to maneuver through as Frogger makes his way up skyscrapers, and even crossing a very lively sushi bar avoiding predators trying to put a halt to his progression. Frogger experts can also show off their skills in Street Pass battles, where the object is to avoid becoming road-kill by scooting past speeding vehicles zooming along multiple lanes of opposing traffic. In Forever mode, fans of Frogger will get Déjà-vu when looking at the maps as the friendly confines of Frogger's safety zones are removed and the goal is to traverse as many lines as you can!

As an added bonus, players can compete against each other in 4 player matches and progress through infinite boards as they try to attain Frogger immortality and land in the top spot on Street Pass rankings.

Frogger 3D is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and is now available for the Nintendo 3DS for $29.99.


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