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May 9, 2019
Hello everyone,,
so I went out last week and bought NFS:C. I always liked the other versions and from what I had heard and read on this one, I wanted it. It is a fun racing game and the cars and the range of things you can do to them is pretty cool. However, I have one huge complaint. I can't afford the cars. If you go back and race something you've already beat, you only get $500 for it. So I get to the final boss and don't have a car that can corner like I need to to beat him. I've spent my money on other cars and upgrades, so now I'm stuck with this stupid car that is fun to drive and looks sweet, but is useless to me. I've got one race left and can't finish it. Oh, and NOS is disabled for that final race, so my car is really screwed...
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