Which game should I get?


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Apr 16, 2006
Thanks to the generosity of people bidding really high on some items I put up on Ebay, I have enough extra to get a DS game. I can only get one, and I have narrowed it down to three. Listed are the games and the reasons why I think I might like them.

Age of Empires: Age of Kings: I really enjoyed Age of Empire I and II on the PC. However, my preference has always been for turn based strategy games. Therefor, a RTS I enjoyed adapted to a turn based game seems like a home run. However, the lack of wi-fi is sad, since I do not know anyone else with a DS so I will only be able to play the computer.

Battles of Prince of Persia: As I already established, I like turn based strategy games. Culdcept for the PS2 is easily one of my favorite games of all time. I love the idea of playing a game with a customizable deck. A battle strategy game that adds a card component and is portable sounds to good to be true. However, I know this game has gotten some bad reviews that describe the gameplay as broken (it has also received decent reviews).

Metroid Prime Hunters: On the consoles FPS games are easily my favorite. From what I have read, this game actually makes the genre work on a handheld, which is like a dream come true for me. However, I have also read that it is incredibly uncomfortable to play and causes a lot of hand cramping. I find the wi-fi component very fascinating, but I am not entirely sure how much I will play it at home online, when I can play a console FPS with a bigger screen and less possible hand cramps.

Those are the three games I am considering. Please tell me which one you would pick and why. Thanks!


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Jun 23, 2005
Something worth checking out is the DS's lineup of budget titles, some of which don't suck. Including Brain Age, Viewtiful Joe, Dig Dug, Sprung (some people out there liked it...maybe), Puyo Pop Fever, Mega Man Battle Network 5 and Feel the Magic XX/XY. And you can always buy a GBA game, as well.

As for those three games....MPH, I really didn't like. Dunno about the other two.