Where The FRucks The FrAgZonE



Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy

yeah this Web site is missin somethin It's Missin It's
Cahonies Damnite you sound like a bunch of old ladies talking about
Bingo night
Stan lets Book a night to the Comic Book convention atleast there's
A little Spark of Life there ; (
This place blows the big Snock of life
What the Hell Did Jasconius Clone himself ?????
or are they alll him under diffrent name's and he's talkin to himself ??
this Is What Happens WHen BadA$$ gamepages Turn good They suck and Atract Fourm moderators FROM Nerds Central
Welp this is probaly My First and Last post Becuase it will probably get Edited befor the 3 Members even get to read it
LOL go the hell Away let the Big Doggs Out to Play

YOu Are Weak You r Nothin


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Jun 23, 2005
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Hello Back STAN

Been busy taking care of Demigoddes and working my A$$ off other than that i have been playing Knight Online and Everquest2 i haven't been able to sign onto hear and somehow it let me get on tonight ?
i have created 2 sceen names trying to get on hear "deity" and "diety"
and neither of them works theres no E-mail that it says it sent and today it said follow intruction in e-mail and then i just signed on and it went thru
same ol' same
:( <---- miss the Old days
but maybe i could be bribed into liking the new :) like some Cold Hard CAsh or Maybe a LapTop ? that might sway me back into action i might even write reviews and articles again
So hows you and Spooney doing ; ) i see you haven't killed each other yet that's a good sign
gotta get goin got's ton's of work tommorow