What Features


Editor in Chief
Jun 23, 2005
would you like to see be included. Our radio is up and running, our store is selling items, our Arcade is being played, contests are adding some friendly competition, blogs are read.... what other features would you like to see implemented into mygamer? Podcasts?.... and eBay like store where members can sell items? let us know.

Meggo the Eggo

New Member
Apr 4, 2006
northeast Ohio
I like the eBay idea... cause if you sell/buy/trade with someone here, you know who you're dealing with. That could be pretty fun.

Also, a forum feature I always thought was pretty neato is the "karma/mod system" the Red vs Blue forums have. Here's an example of what it looks like.

And this is the info about the mod system from their FAQ:

A: Karma is a rating system where your karma level is raised based on how much you use the site and how much positive feedback other users give you. You can gain karma for making comments that get modded up and you can lose karma for making comments that get modded down.
Q: What are mod points? How can I get mod points?
A: Mod points are ratings given to various posts around the site. You can gain mod points by using the site and making positive comments that get modded up.
Q: Can I trade all my mod points to my friend so that he can then trade mod points back to me?
A: No, if you do this we will see it and change your level to level -1 and take away all your mod points.

However, now that I think about it we already have the MGBux system... oh well ^_^;;


PC Editor
Jun 23, 2005
Columbus, Ohio
Screw the fancy stuff man... How about just creating a Hardware page, so all the reviews I've done over the last two years have a home finally? I don't know the precise figures, but I'd bet that for everyone here that messes with Podcasts, MG points and all the other "gee whiz" stuff, we literally have HUNDREDS more that simply come to read news and articles. As such, the focus for our limited development resources should be squashing bugs, improving the site's layout and navigation and guiding users to the info they need. Just IMHO.