Thoughts from Playing Gears of War


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May 13, 2006
Ok before you say what? Yes you read it right. Gears of War was playable in the VIP area.

I went to E3 today expecting to watch the Gears of War movie and was very excited when I was invited into the VIP booth to play the game. They set up a 4v4 Versus Multiplayer Match that was AMAZING. Here are some of the key things that make this one of the best MP games I have ever seen.

* Curb-Stomp
o Ever see American History - X? Ok well when you get shot up you will start "Bleeding Out." During this period you will either, get healed by a teamate, die after about 30 seconds, get shot and killed by the enemy, or Curb-Stomped. You will be sitting on the ground rolling in pain and an enemy player will come up to you, hit X, and go to an animation where you smash the other player's face into the ground with your foot. Oh and the blood is amazing.
* Cover
o Cover is a huge thing in the game and it translates into Multiplayer. You have to use cover in order to stay alive and its fun. The cover element of the game, single player or multi, is what makes Gears of War, "Gears of War."
* Chain-Saw
o Hold B when you have the assult rifle and you will have the chainsaw active. Just hold B and run up to someone to go to the movie where you slice them in half. Its awsome with tons of blood and looks very cool when you get three kills in a row playing it. The chain saw works in well with the gameplay because no one can use it over and over again. It is meant to be a last minute advantage if, by accident, you run out of cover and there is an enemy nearby.
* COG vs Locust
o In the singleplayer you play as the COG and you play against the Locust. In the multiplayer instead of Red vs Blue it is COG vs Locust.
* HUD/ Health
o The HUD is kept very simple. All you have is the gun and ammo diplay. The health has a new innovative display.
o The health is not diplayed unless you are hurt. If you are hurt a red circle around your reticle will grow darker red until you die and the Gears of War "skull" logo is in the center of it.

When we were shown the room with 16 TVs we were very excited to play. We traded off with who spectated and who played with spectating on death. The gameplay was amazing. Controls were great and the gameplay was increadibly fluid. There were NO framerate issues and it looked amazing. The team that stayed together lived longer and we had some pretty good people playing. The developers were there giving hints and advice and everyone loved it when someone sprayed blood with the chainsaw or when a hit was smashed with a curbstomp. The level looked like it fit into the storyline and had plenty of cover. It played and felt amazing like I said before and can't wait to play it when it comes out. EVERYONE should be excited about this game. It will be the best game on the 360 by far.

PS: For all those who don't think I actually went to E3 here is a pic of my pass (Censored for privacy) with the Xbox Booth VIP sticker.