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Apr 11, 2006
RE4 Confirmed For Wii
First details on how you'll use the Wiimote.
by IGN Staff

April 4, 2007 - The Wii version of Resident Evil 4 was confirmed earlier today for inclusion in the elite "Worst Kept Secrets" club as Famitsu spilled the beans on the title in its latest issue. The Famitsu report comes following the game's appearance in retailer databases on two continents.

Titled Biohazard 4 Wii Edition in Japan (the RE series is known as Biohazard in its home country), this update promises full Wiimote support. The Wiimote is used to aim a targeting cursor in order to target and fire at your enemies. To reload, you hold down on the B trigger and shake the Wiimote. In case you were wondering, the built-in speaker is being programmed with a reload sound effect.

The Wiimote is also used for close-range attacks. When an enemy approaches, all you have to do is give the Wiimote a little of the shake-shake. The game automatically detects the direction of the enemy and makes Leon perform a knife attack. This move can also be used against trees and barrels.

The rest of the game has also been modified to take account of the Wii's unique controller. Interactive event scenes display the Wii buttons when prompting for input. Some events require that you shake the Wiimote.

The producers of the Wii version revealed to Famitsu that one of their goals is to allow families who play the Wii together to experience Resident Evil. The game will include "Easy" and "Amateur" difficulty settings, selectable from the start, that will make aiming easier and keep your life from depleting too fast.

Even if you're a RE pro, you'll probably want to take a look at the Wii version, especially if you didn't try out the PS2 version of the game. All the bonus elements that made it into the PS2 version are being included in the Wii release. That includes the "The Another Order" sequence, where you play as Ada.

And on top of all that is a first look at Umbrella Chronicles! A trailer for the first original Wii entry in the Resident Evil series (be sure and check out our separate preview) will be included with RE4 Wii Edition.

RE4 is set for Japanese Wii release on 5/31. While it hasn't officially been announced outside of Japan yet, its appearance in retailer databases late last week suggests that Wii players everywhere will get to experience this Capcom classic through a new control scheme.


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Jun 23, 2005
thanks for the information on the RE4, ive watched a couple videos and it looks suprizingly great for the wii. As for umbrella cronicles, the game play for that goes back to the bar seens and things like that from the S.T.A.R.S. edition also more comonly known as RE: outbreak. But its not limited to just there, it takes both out breaks, and alot of the older games such as code veronica into conideration and adds alot of game play from what started it all. The main characters from what i see are the main characters from code veronica. so if you havnt played it yet, i recomind it. Its on the ps2 and has some crapy graphics and kinda slow game play but it was one of the first REs i played and i found it to be alot harder then most of the games to follow. If you have a game cube, its on there as well. Also note that nintendo promised downloadables from every nintindo licenced game made for the wii, so you might be able to down load 0-4, code veronica, out break 1 and 2 all from the wii to inhance game play some. But i cant wait for UC to come out, it should be quite challenging and from the videos, looks to include those lovely zombies we all love and adore that pop up out of no where and glitch there way into your face lol. anyway. enjoy what you can find and the game play on both wii versons and pray with me that they reliease RE:5 this year atleast. Im getting tired of waiting for the best next gen game to be released for 360 elite, ps3, and hopefully for us wii fans, on the wii