MyGamer Radio


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Oct 27, 2005
Brooklyn NY
OK, we've got the Podcast aspect of our site working with relative efficiency. Now we just need more shows! If you've want to run your own show, or even if you just have a vague idea for a show, talk to me and I'll work with you on getting it made. It's not hard and I think this could be the thing that sets MyGamer apart from the rest of the internet pack.

Some current show concepts we need hosts/participants for are:

Versus Mode - A gameshow with quiz and other challenges for people to take on for fantifulous prizes!

Drunken Gamer Show - Sit down in front of a game with a mic and some beer (prefferably with friends) and record the awesomeness that ensues.

8-bit Showcase - A music show where we highlight 8-bit music artists by playing their music and talking with them about their work. More of a real radio music show.


Let me know what you think and please add any ideas you have or want to do to this thread! Fan participation is going to be highly encouraged, so try and find ways to get the ordinary listeners involved.