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Meggo the Eggo

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Apr 4, 2006
northeast Ohio
I never personally owned a Saturn, but I recently bought my boyfriend one along with Shining Force III. ^_^ That took some wheeling and dealing on eBay. I remember watching him play the beginning of SF3 and being shocked at the graphics--they were pretty much what the framework was for the Golden Sun games. Not too much of a surprise though, since Shining Force III and Golden Sun are both Camelot games.

thunderking85 said:
Sega saturn, the best game to me would be nights into tthe dreams. Are they going make a sequel to it.
No. A sequel was discussed for a couple of years, and had a couple of different control scheme ideas (the most prevalent idea featuring a wireless, motion-sensored control pad... sound familiar?). The game simply never materialized, but some of the concepts for the sequel were later used in the game "Samba de Amigo."

There's also this:
Yuji Naka, the Producer and Lead Programmer for the original "NiGHTS Into Dreams..." has been noted of saying that he will not be involved in a sequel because he feels the game cannot be improved more except graphically. "I know a lot of people love it and want us to make a sequel, but for us it's a really important game. Like the way Spielberg likes E.T. so much he won't remake it, I don't want to make another NiGHTS."

So, sorry. No sequel :/


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Jan 24, 2006
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Then a Sega-cash-in remake, or even better a Wii virtual console release would be nice. Unlike films and books, you can't just "reprint" NiGHTS, so all of these auteurist game developers are so proud of work only a handful of people have the tools to appreciate.

And how long do people think it will take for other Sega platforms to materialize on Wii's virtual console? I'd love to see some Virtual-On and old Virtua Fighter.


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Dec 2, 2007
Marvel Vs. Capcom on any system is great :)

Getting back to the Saturn, I didn't play that many games on it, one of the ones I do remember playing a couple of times was some Sonic racing game.