Far Cry 4


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Nov 19, 2014
I was a HUGE Far cry 3 fan. It was my first time getting into the series at all, but the amount of fun I had traveling around in that game was almost unheard of. It wasn't a feeling I have had very often playing video games of this type and certainly not a feeling that has been repeated since. The exploration and characters mixed with the exotic scenery and danger around every corner is enough to keep me entertained for hours and hours. I finished the entire game and all of the achievements for the game, minus multiplayer faster than I have finished most of the games I have dedicated myself to. It was one of the few times I have actually binged on a game, putting in 12+ hours a day for about 4 days. I don't do that even with my favorite of games, lol.

So, I was wondering if any of you Xbox owners out there have delved off and gotten enough Far Cry play in to either recommend it or not. Am I in for a similar experience as Far Cry 3, but more refined? Or does it take a step back? Let me know what you think!


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Jan 2, 2015
I loved Far Cry 3, too! It was my first Far Cry game, and it definitely set the bar high!
As soon as I found out that Far Cry 4 was coming out, I was so shocked and so ready to play it, so I got it a week or two ofter release.
I've finished the game, and I've decided that if Far Cry 3 is a perfect 10, then this game is an 8.5. The developers didn't change much, which is great, because I hate when developers try to fix a game that isn't broken. However, the gameplay is just a big deja vu moment.
You unlock radio towers just as you did in Far Cry 3, and you shoot up stuff and take drugs just like you did in Far Cry 3. I wish the developers would've switched it up a bit. The weapons in this game were great, though!
The graphics and map are great as well.
What really turned me off was the storyline. The characters in Far Cry 4 fall flat, and you don't care about any of them, including Ajay Ghale, the man you're supposed to be playing as. In fact, my favorite character was Pagan Min, and despite being the main antagonist, barely made any appearances in the game!
Unlike Far Cry 3 which had Buck and Vaas, there were no side villains. Nothing to really keep you going or interested.
Far Cry 4's story had no real conflict, especially since it's main(and only) villain doesn't really do anything villain-y. He's just chilling throughout the whole game, lol.
If you don't care about story and are all about gameplay, then I'd recommend this game. If you're like me and really care about the story, then I would recommend that you wait until it is on sale before you waste your $60.


Jan 4, 2015
FarCry 4 is one of the best experiences FarCry has to offer. I would definitely recommend it to any avid gamer. The world is huge, lotsa side quests and beast hunting. Also immersion is created in the few moments of the game. I do not agree with Pagan not being evil enough, he has enough evil commanders but you are his favorite guy on the island, like his own son. Try alternate endings