1. kelvin235

    The best graphics card you've had in this moment?

    My card today is a GTX 1070Ti. Although it is not the best card but it can handle anything like a latest games, online games, even a AAA games. What is your card? And which do you think is better when it comes to graphics card. AMD or NVIDIA?
  2. kelvin235

    What is your mobile specs?

    What is your mobile specs and does mobile games are smooth at it? My mobile specs are, CPU: Hisilicon Kirin 659, RAM: 4GB, Phone Sotrage: 64GB, Screen resolution: 2280x1080, Androind version: 8.0.0, EMUI version: 8.0.0. What games do you play most at it?
  3. AwesomeHero

    The Crew 2

    Heyy, has anyone played TC2? I'm big fan of the first game but I don't have really money so it needs to be a good buy.
  4. Countess Scarlet

    Best games to play in autumn?

    Question is kinda strange but since autumn is beginning, days are getting colder, Halloween is near, nature is becoming more golden each day, there are more rainy days and i personally find this time of the year magical, i was wondering if any of you fellow gamers have some appropriate games to...
  5. R

    PC Games or Mobile Games?

    Where you are usually playing games? Pc or in mobile?
  6. prose

    Best Party Video Games

    Sometimes we will set up a video game party, where we will have people over and play one video game all night long as a large group. We've had success with the Rock Band games, we have the guitar, bass, microphone, and drumset to go with it. Its fun to watch people try to figure out how to work...