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  1. GlacialDoom

    What is the Coolest Fatality in Mortal Kombat You Have Ever Seen?

    I would have to say that one of the coolest fatalities I have ever seen is in the new Mortal Kombat X. Ermac lifts up his opponent via telekinesis, twists him a bit, and then pulls out his organs through his mouth. Pretty disgusting, but pretty cool.
  2. GlacialDoom

    Best Time of Year to Buy New Games?

    Given that I am a PC gamer, I believe that the best time of the year to purchase new games is whenever Steam hosts one of their 4 huge seasonal sales. Spring, Summer, Halloween or Holiday Sale, it's a fantastic opportunity to buy new games, and a cheap one at that!
  3. GlacialDoom

    Emulation, better on Devices or Desktops?

    Emulators will always be way better on PC or home devices, as there's simply more beef to work with than on a mobile phone. Sure, it's a real treat getting to play your favorite games on the go, but you shouldn't be able to get that many generations emulated at the moment, so it's behind the PC...
  4. GlacialDoom

    What is your favourite type of game?

    Shooters. Doesn't matter if they are first person or third person, I enjoy shooter games. Sure, I also play other genres and they eat up a lot of my free time too, but I find shooters the most enjoyable genre of games. I've grown up with shooters and I think I'll keep playing them until I die. xD
  5. GlacialDoom

    As a PC gamer, what is your opinion on controllers?

    Ever since I bought an Xbox 360 Windows controller, I've been trying to use it for as many games as I can (as long as they aren't multiplayer first person shooters; those are HORRIBLE with controllers). Lately, I've been using it for Grand Theft Auto V, Metal Gear Solid V (both Ground Zeroes and...
  6. GlacialDoom

    PC Version Vs. Console Version for older games.

    Given that on PC, even if there's an inferior version of the game, you can just emulate the console version, I think that PC takes the prize as the best platform for older games (and for current games too, of course).
  7. GlacialDoom

    PC Version Vs. Console Version for older games.

    Given that on PC, even if there's an inferior version of the game, you can just emulate the console version, I think that PC takes the prize as the best platform for older games (and for current games too, of course).
  8. GlacialDoom

    How did play the original Game boy so much as a kid?

    As a kid, I used to love playing games on my Gameboy Color, but now I can't even go back to it, because the screen is so weak compared to modern handheld consoles, and emulating it is even worse. At best, I can go back to as far as a Gameboy Advance, but not further.
  9. GlacialDoom

    Contractual agreement...

    Hmm, this question is really tricky, and my answers vary from condition to condition. Will the game always remain populated/online/if the servers go down, can I find a private server so I can play it with other die-hard fans? If so, my answer is Team Fortress 2. Can you mod the game? If so, my...
  10. GlacialDoom

    Did you play in a computer lab?

    Yes!!! Back in 2007, I was attending a class on programming, and whenever we would finish our work (or whenever the teacher wouldn't come to the class), we would start playing together. Man, the countless matches of Counter Strike 1.6, especially on a custom Monopoly map! Or the times we played...
  11. GlacialDoom

    Your favorite GameCube videogame

    I really liked Super Smash Bros. Melee, and in fact, it's my favorite Smash game of all time. I don't think any Smash will ever outmatch it in terms of pure gameplay.
  12. GlacialDoom

    Favorite Marty Party game?

    I really liked the Nintendo 64 ones because that's when I was having the most fun with the game along with my friends. However, I really, really enjoyed the DS version because of the fact that with only one copy, you could play with all your friends. That made for a lot of nice Mario Party (and...
  13. GlacialDoom

    Project Cars

    The game looks really cool, and I think it will be a fantastic driving game for the PC, but I hate the fact that it was delayed once more. Those cars better look fantastic and the game better be really polished, or else they will have a shitstorm knocking at their dorm.
  14. GlacialDoom

    COD Ghosts

    The PC port was a joke. In fact, the whole game was a joke. The multiplayer felt slow and clunky, and all maps looked the same. The graphics looked like Quake, and given that this game was bragging about being the first Call of Duty game on next generation consoles, that was an epic fail. The...
  15. GlacialDoom

    Adventure Time MOBA

    Haha, exactly my reaction! Seriously, I am not a huge fan of MOBAs and I never was one, but I think that my love for Adventure Time means that I will inevitably give this game a try. I hope that because it's a game mainly targeted at kids, there isn't such a toxic community, right?
  16. GlacialDoom

    75,000 fans sign petition for Modern Warfare 2 remake

    I have signed that petition, and I would definitely love a Modern Warfare 2 remastered edition, as long as it would be released on Steam too. I know I can still play the original edition whenever I want, but there aren't many players left in other modes apart from Team Deathmatch and...
  17. GlacialDoom

    What happened to the "Free Weekend weekends" Steam was supposed to offer?

    Back in October, Valve hosted theirs first "Free Weekend Weekend" on Steam, in which around 10 games were free to play during the weekend. If I recall correctly, they said that they will be a common sight on Steam, but we have only gotten the regular free weekends so far, and no special "Free...
  18. GlacialDoom

    If all electronic games were unusuable tomorrow, what games will you play?

    Board games such as Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, and others. Also, poker with my buddies (which we already casually play).
  19. GlacialDoom

    Favorite game music

    I really liked the shanties in Assassin's Creed IV, but as for something I keep coming back to, definitely Hotline Miami. Such a fantastic soundtrack, and it has introduced me to so many fantastic artists and their works! Not to mention that the fast paced tracks did fantastic in combination...
  20. GlacialDoom

    What is your favorite game from the GTA series?

    For the gameplay, story and overall fun I have had with it, GTA V. For the fantastic memories I have made with it, GTA Vice City. God only knows how many hours I have spent with my friends playing this game and just going on rampages with the Panzer and various cheats.