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  1. Saraldra

    Metal Gear Acid

    I think Dissidia was a perfect handheld game. It had mountains of content, is quick and easy to pick up and ply, and was very fun to boot. Though you do have to be a fan of the series to enjoy it to the fullest extent. It makes me wish for a Dissidia for the Vita, despite how unlikely that is.
  2. Saraldra

    My kid lost my 3DS a while back :(

    The 3DS is absolutely worth buying again, though not for a Smash Bros controller. There are so many good games on the 3DS, but I would wait until the 'new' 3DS is released in February before buying one.
  3. Saraldra

    Why do you keep buying the Pokemon games?

    For me they are just great RPGs, with heaps of customization and an interesting, big world to explore. Even though the formula stays the same, it is always enjoyable, at least for me.
  4. Saraldra

    Do you watch anime?

    I've only ever watched Pokemon, which is good, because i am a fan of the series. The closest I've gotten to other anime, is with the animated sequences in Persona 4: Golden (which are excellent)
  5. Saraldra

    Does the Vita have a future?

    I personally think Sony will retire the Vita fairly soon, perhaps this year. It's painfully obvious that their focus is squarely on PS4, while the Vita sits neglected with only a few token releases. I love my Vita, and as long as there is a steady stream of RPGs to play on it, then I'm happy...
  6. Saraldra

    Could you go 24 hours without a screen?

    Yes, easily. As long as you are doing something with your time and not simply wasting it, then it is easy to ignore 'screens'. If you're bored, learn some skills, read a book, play an instrument. Plenty of ways to keep occupied.
  7. Saraldra

    Fantasy Life

    Someone described Fantasy Life as a sort of Skyrim-lite, where you can craft, hunt monsters do quests and more. Based on your experiences it seems an apt description. I will definitely pick this game up, being a huge fan of RPGs.
  8. Saraldra

    How many hours gaming?

    When I'm working, only about 1-2 hours per day. On holiday or between jobs - probably around 5 hours. I love to play games, but due to work it's hard to find the time. I mostly play my 3ds due to the convenience (and amazing library).
  9. Saraldra

    Favorite Pokemon Game?

    I think Sapphire and Pearl/Platinum are my favourites. I loved Sapphire for the new Pokemon and the story, I also loved Kyogre as the main legendary. With Pearl, I loved the massive region, with many different environments. Pearl also brought lots of new things to the games, like the...
  10. Saraldra

    Games You Are Bad At

    Like others in this thread, I am absolutely awful at fighting games, especially Street Fighter and I have no idea why. I love playing Marvel vs Capcom 3, but I simply can't play it on a any difficulty above easy. I'm okay with Smash Bros though.
  11. Saraldra

    Just Cause 2 - $3.19 on Steam

    I bought Just Cause 2 in a sale and never touched the main missions. I spent all of my time just exploring and generally dicking about. Great game, buy it now!
  12. Saraldra

    2 great little games for virtually no money

    They are both excellent games, but be careful with Super Meat Boy, it's ridiculously hard - at least for me. Worth a buy at that price though.
  13. Saraldra

    Grand Theft Auto V

    GTA V singleplayer is one of the best open world games ever, but I'm not sure the multiplayer is on the same level. Does anyone else feel underwhelmed by GTA Online?
  14. Saraldra

    Do you use emulators?

    Emulators are useful to experience the games when you don't have access to the consoles themselves. But i can never play an emulated game for very long, it just feels wrong. I would much rather play the games on their original hardware.
  15. Saraldra

    Gauntlet - $9.99 on Steam - $29.99 for 4-pack!

    Mixed reviews for this one, but honestly it looks like good old-school arcade fun. There's a simple pleasure to hack'n slash games, if this is anything like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, then I will definitely give it a go.
  16. Saraldra

    Your worst Smash 3DS character to play as?

    I always seem to lose when playing as Kirby. I suppose it's because i don't really like the character, his specials aren't particularly powerful.
  17. Saraldra

    What Genre of Game Do You Like Better?

    I like all genres, I specifically like games that have good stories. RPGs are very good with this, but Adventure games like Uncharted are equally compelling.