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  1. jdroc

    Streaming Games

    I just started watching twitch last night. I have to watch more because the layout is a little different for me.
  2. jdroc

    Youtube Addictioni

    Sometimes I do a late night binge. I just learned that Jimi Hendrix did not die from overdose. Crazy, I know. Youtube has changed my life, lol.
  3. jdroc

    Madden 2015

    Well I would have to play it. I stopped playing like in 2010 for the reasons you mention. I will have to get with my cousins and play against them on the four and see what's up. I bet I can still kick their butts.
  4. jdroc

    Trade in Your Old Console for Discounts

    At some point the price of the xbox will drop too much for sony to ignore. Kind of like how coke and pepsi have to spend the same amount for marketing every year.
  5. jdroc

    Trade in Your Old Console for Discounts

    Yeah, I wish they would though. I would do that in a heartbeat. I've heard that they're not going to wait as long to drop the new consoles. Has anyone else heard anything about this approach?
  6. jdroc

    What PS4 game are you looking forward to in 2015?

    Yeah, I think so too. It will be good to step away from the multiplayers shooters. I think I'm going to start playing some different kinds of games this year. I been shooter heavy for a while now. I need to change up my coolness, lol.
  7. jdroc

    Why the stigma surrounding gaming?

    They make a stigma about anything. I really think our society doesn't like to see people happy and make up stuff. Think about how many people would be out of a job if we were all really happy. It's a motive behind all the fake stigmas and people always need someone to blame even when it's...
  8. jdroc

    Have Games taught you anything?

    My ability to scan a room or store shelves has improved greatly. I think the hand and eye coordination improvement is something that can be measured. You have to be able to quickly dissect a situation and respond in tenths of second to win.
  9. jdroc

    Do you think media causes violence?

    Yes the violent crime rate has been going down every year, yet the media makes it seems like any and everything is out to kill us. The chit at Ferguson got overblown. I'm not scared of ISIS and I don't give a damn about Putin and Russia. So yes I do believe that the media practices fear...
  10. jdroc

    Does the influx of younger games disturb you?

    I think it's fun. When a kid sucks and talks trash it hilarious. When a kid kicks butt, and the adult was talking crap, then find out it's a kid, then the kid talks crap back is the most funniest situations ever I think. I would not let my child play thought. I hate gamers that suck, get mad...
  11. jdroc

    Streaming Games

    Well thanks for the input. I do play the games I like to play intensely, like nonstop if I get into them. I was ranked in the top 500 in the world the last two COD games. I've never played with a solid clan though until last year. I'm very competitive, not just in Video Games, but in whatever I...
  12. jdroc

    Streaming Games

    The past couple of days, I've been seeing articles about all the cool dude many money streaming video games. I was always interested in this concept. I always rank high in COD and I've had some pretty epic matches (video to prove lol). Has anyone tried this? What was your experience like?
  13. jdroc

    Have you been using the Share Play feature?

    It can save money, but the developers have the choice to not use it. I think that's fair. I have heard good things about it tough and I can't wait to try it.
  14. jdroc

    Jailbroken PS3

    Yes it depends on the person. However, I just bought a separate PS3 for these purposes, and I got with a buddy I trust and let him do his thing. It really was for the kids in my family though. Their parents won't let them play online so it didn't matter.
  15. jdroc

    Older systems?

    I'll keep or sell. It depends on how I feel about everything. Sometimes I just forget to sell. There is some value in holding on to systems and certain games. Some games will be worth money later. If you don't believe me just ebay some prices for games. I learned of this when I went to sold my...
  16. jdroc

    Advanced Warfare

    I mean nobody bought it yet, that's very telling by itself. That no one on this forum has actually bought it or spoke up for it yet.
  17. jdroc

    Is it worth getting a PS3? What are the big differences?

    I think it's a matter of preference, but the people that think they're going to stop making PS3 games anytime soon are mistaken. That's just not the case at all.
  18. jdroc

    What PS4 game are you looking forward to in 2015?

    A lot of picks for Bloodborne. Guess I'm about to look into it.
  19. jdroc

    What PS4 game are you looking forward to in 2015?

    I think Evolve should be a good one. But we'll see.
  20. jdroc

    Will PS3 Trophies Carry over to PS4

    That's a good question. Someone should be able to answer that. I would like to know.