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  1. SquiffyBubble

    What game do you have the most hours on?

    I've spent way too much time on Destiny. The game doesn't even have that much content, but the shooting just fells way damn good. I've played through the Raids countless of times, not to mention the Strikes.Kinda looking forward to the next expansion, as I can get back into the game.
  2. SquiffyBubble

    Streams you watch?

    I don't watch too much currently, but its something I like to do when I have a bit more free time. I like to watch streams varying form e-sports to Games Done Quick and just fun streams. My favorite streamers are probably Ninja, who streams Halo, and Sp4zie, who streams LoL. They are both really...
  3. SquiffyBubble

    Do you remember you first ever computer console or system?

    PS1 was my first console. Its still my favorite platform, although I don't play it too often anymore, might just be the memories. I played Spyro and Crash Bandicoot more tahn any other games in my life.
  4. SquiffyBubble

    What is your opinion on the growing eSport scene?

    The scene is indeed growing really fast, and I think its great. It makes gaming industry grow even more, as the tournament games might even get shown on TV. Games that are competitive are often also great when played casually.
  5. SquiffyBubble

    First Person Shooter

    CS:GO is the best FPS in my opinion. Besides CS, I enjoy Battlefield games quite a bit.
  6. SquiffyBubble

    Is there any noticeable difference between i5 and i7?

    SSD shouldn't really be used to storage that much stuff. As long as you get your OS and the games you play on the SSD, its enough. Then you should get HDD depending on your needs for music and films etc. But anyway, I would probably go with the i7 laptop since it is a laptop after all, and you...
  7. SquiffyBubble

    What are you playing these days?

    I mostly play FPS games on variety of platforms, but I also enjoy MOBAs. Every now and then I get hooked up on a single player game, but that's quite rare nowadays.
  8. SquiffyBubble

    on your own?

    Me and my friends try to set up a LAN party a few times a year. They are always a lot of fun, just gaming for a few days with some good food and drinks. Other than that, online gaming makes is fun with friends as well, as you get to see how your friend group does versus others. In the same room...
  9. SquiffyBubble

    What is the very first video game you remember playing...

    Halo: CE for me. Played the game for hours, single player and split screen. I know that it wasn't the first game I ever played, but it's the first one I can remember.
  10. SquiffyBubble

    Best Free PC Games

    Well, there are the obvious great F2P on PC, such as LoL, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. Another good one is Hearthstone, one of my favorites. I have always loved trading card games, and Hearthstone does it perfectly online.
  11. SquiffyBubble

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Anyone in here who plays CS:GO? It's my current favorite FPS. I play it a lot every single day, there isn't a day where I wouldn't play at all. I enjoy the gameplay, as it's not just point and click, but it's more in depth. Teamwork is a crucial part of winning, much more so than personal skill...
  12. SquiffyBubble

    digital download or not?

    I always get physical versions of the games I buy. I only download Playstation plus games digitally, otherwise I always get the disc version. Here in Finland digital versions often cost more than physicals, and even if it was the other way around I would go for the physical versions, because I...
  13. SquiffyBubble

    do you pay for games

    I buy mobile games every now and then, but the game has to be really good for me to do so. On android I don't really pay for games, as there is a free version only with ads often available, and the ads don't bother me that much.
  14. SquiffyBubble

    Favorite mindless mobile phone game to make time pass?

    The best mobile games to kill time in my opinion are the Dumb ways to Die games. There are two games in the series, and both are fantastic on time killing. You start with 3 lives, and play different type of minigames to get points. If you don't succeed on the minigame, you will lose a life and...
  15. SquiffyBubble

    Did you play in a computer lab?

    We played a bunch of Counter Strike Source on our computer lab. It was on every PC and we often played local games during lunch breaks. It got so popular that our teachers had to remove the game from the computers, as the room was way too full of people every single break.
  16. SquiffyBubble

    Free to Play games

    Do you guys like Free to Play games? I personally enjoy them a lot, since I can try the game out for free and then decide whether or not to spend money on the game. There is a lot of good F2P games out there, and the amount is growing all the time. I personally enjoy games like Team Fortress 2...
  17. SquiffyBubble

    Xbox One Apps

    Do you guys use the Xbox One apps a lot? I often find myself using the apps more than actually playing, as some of them are so great. I have my Xbox hooked up outside our living room, so when someone is watching TV on the living room I can still use Netflix to watch my favorite series. I also...
  18. SquiffyBubble

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Are you guys waiting for the next Batman game? I know I am. The Batman series has been great. The fighting feels good, and the sneaking parts are awesome. This is also the first Batman for the new generation, which makes me even more excited about the game. What are your opinions on the...
  19. SquiffyBubble

    Halo 5- Guardians

    In my opinion, Halo 5 will be the turning point in the Halo series, as it's the last change I'm willing to give 343. If the game has same kind of problems as Master Chief collection, I'm officially done with the series. In the beta test they ran in January, the game felt pretty good, but it has...
  20. SquiffyBubble

    Favorite Call of Duty?

    My favorite CoD is by far Modern Warfare 1. It was the first modern CoD and I haven't had as much fun with a shooter since. It might not be the best gameplay wise of the CoDs but I have many great memories of the game. I played it a lot with friends, online and split screen. The maps were super...