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  1. bogartdelarama

    Discontinued online games that you loved.

    So, like the title states, is there any discontinued online game that you used to play? I have — Skyblade, Sword of the Heavens. This game is based on a Korean serial graphic cartoon by Ah Shin.The game recreates a martial arts fantasy world. Eight main characters and around 300 types of...
  2. bogartdelarama


    Sooo... I'm kinda new to this forum and I've just withdrawn 291 dollars and I don't know where it went. I noticed that I can buy things with it like a change name, but my $$$ went somewhere I don't know when I've withdrawn it.
  3. bogartdelarama

    Digimon World 3

    Does anyone else here replay games? Just a few days ago, I started replaying Digimon World 3. I had the burst of nostalgia when I first heard the feel-good music I heard when it's time to pick my starter pack. The pack I picked was the same pack I picked when I first played the game — the...
  4. bogartdelarama

    League of Legends, anyone?

    So, does anyone here play League of Legends? If you do and you play in the Philippines server, please do feel free to add me in-game (PM me for the IGN). :D