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  1. JoanMcWench

    Is it worth upgrading from PS3 to PS4?

    This discussion comes into the atmosphere every time there's a console upgrade. Every time. Of course it's all about timing. It's eventual. You're going to upgrade. It now becomes a matter of 'has Sony developed enough quality exclusive titles to make me feel a need to pay a ridiculous price I...
  2. JoanMcWench

    Sellers on eBay selling digital titles for a dime?

    You run the risk either way. If a deal seems too good to be true, you should go with your gut on that. So, seeing as you're not running much of a fiscal risk it's not going to hurt enough to detour you. eBay is actually pretty good with scam follow ups.
  3. JoanMcWench

    Nintendo buying rights to Sonic

    Overall was it a good idea or a bad one? Take into account what they've done with the character. Really nothing. I understand they wanted to pair him with Mario & that was great & all but why little to no focus on building the character as a stand alone. I mean the hedgehog carried Sega on its...
  4. JoanMcWench

    Your Thoughts On NX

    Not enough information at this point. They're purposely being vague but given their reserve money they can afford to do that. However, really need to pick up the pace on running past these other top dogs because the afterglow of the Wii has all but faded & if Wii U is the best you have to offer...
  5. JoanMcWench

    WoW Anyone?

    Part of me was going to come in here & speak on many MMORPG points & counter points. But then your title inspired me to focus on a Muppet aspect of pop culture & the only thing I could think about came in the form of:
  6. JoanMcWench

    Super Mario 64

    I enjoyed Super Mario 64 but I have to admit it wasn't my favourite of the 64 games. It was a good game, don't get me wrong but the 64 for me was a multiplayer system. I loved games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, Star Fox, & Mario Party. It was a fun system to have when you had friends...
  7. JoanMcWench

    I dont get it...

    I have a tough time with a lot of FPS games but really because of the perspective. It has little to do with the complexity of the game. It just gets nauseating. Hate that there's no option to change perspective on these games anymore. At least there rarely is.
  8. JoanMcWench

    King Games?

    Has anyone tried any of the King Games other than Candy Crush? That's the only one I've ever dealt with & I saw that they offered a boatload more titles. I'd like it if someone could arrange a list in the way of best to worst. Anything close to the addictive nature of Candy Crush or are they...
  9. JoanMcWench

    Usefulness Of 3ds Features

    Agreed. The 3D aspect is really more for the novelty of having said feature. I don't find it to be that pleasant or necessary. Initially though it was cute to mess with & I found that turning the 3D feature down a tad made it easier to play without bothering my eyes.
  10. JoanMcWench

    gaming on a budget...

    Gamefly was a great option for me when I wasn't in a fiscal place to buy new games that came out. I stopped using the service when I found myself working more than getting a decent rotation on the games per month. Before that though it was a nice way to get the newest stuff out there & test it...
  11. JoanMcWench

    Parents: Do you follow the rating labels when buying a game for kids?

    I'm shocked to hear parents on here actually do heed the rating. When I'm at Gamestop it's ridiculous how many times I see parents buying their kids mature rated content. Blissfully unaware of the type of game the child wants. It seems to be a way of getting them out of their hair for the day.
  12. JoanMcWench

    A short Finn greets you!

    I read the title & instantly thought:
  13. JoanMcWench

    Your favorite generation of consoles?

    Sadly, I skipped the whole SNES section of gaming. I went from NES to N64. The journey was long & hard. I normally didn't get consoles until everyone else was throwing theirs away.
  14. JoanMcWench

    Contractual agreement...

    No online game play. Just you, the one controller, the one game, & the one console. Fo life, son. Also, the pay is something you could comfortably live on. Depending on your current lifestyle.
  15. JoanMcWench

    Choose your own adventure games?

    Agreed but I think it wouldn't kill them to incorporate more game play into the story. In the sense of, say, Oregon Trail you're basically just making decision that result in the life or death of people but they also incorporated a nice hunting aspect. Why not do the same with games today? Maybe...
  16. JoanMcWench

    Gran turismo?

    I have an added question to this question: For those who like Gran Turismo & Need For Speed, have you found yourself thoroughly enjoying the Mario Karts or do you find them lacking?
  17. JoanMcWench

    Choose your own adventure games?

    I've played that as well. I tend to shy away from DLC so I've never encountered having to buy the episodes one at a time. I buy the game as a whole or rent the game as a whole & go from there.
  18. JoanMcWench

    Why do you think the Wii is more popular than Kinect?

    I think if Microsoft saw the Kinect as more than something to match Nintendo with it could possibly surpass what Wii has introduced. I don't ever see that happening though because, simply put, the money for them is in the online playing shooters.
  19. JoanMcWench

    Contractual agreement...

    He is the humanization of Mr. Burns. So, yes, it should be terrifying. Terrifying indeed! *shakes fist*
  20. JoanMcWench

    Most Annoying Video Game Character

    Getting mocked by the dog. I can deal with the Zapper. I cannot deal with a dog who is untouchable for some reason even though I am shooting it & the shots are registering. Not fair, Nintendo. Not fair.