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  1. Jayson

    Any Atari fans here?

    What's funny about Atari is that the games were so simple, a thousand or more could probably be put on a CD! Is that about right? Anyway, I know that a lot of early Nintendo and Sega one can. Anyway, who has tried some retro consoles or perhaps Atari games put on other systems? I haven't as...
  2. Jayson

    Too old to play games?

    I think this remark is silly nowadays - but it might not have been back in the Atari or early Nintendo age. However, though, a grown man that lives with parents like a teenager and also plays video games, well, that would draw negative attention, maybe rightly so. I mean, such a person...
  3. Jayson

    Comparing the Switch to Other Nintendo Consoles

    In another thread, I was talking about comparisons to stuff outside of Nintendo. However, what about just Nintendo products? For instance, is the price more decent than what the Wii U cost in it's prime - or the Wii? How is the fun on the Switch compared to the 64, NES, Wii etc.?
  4. Jayson

    Comparing the Switch to Non-Nintendo Consoles

    How would you compare it to those consoles? How would you compare the price, the fun, the price of games etc.? Anyway, myself, I don't really know cause I haven't tried it yet.
  5. Jayson

    Old Nintendo games on Wii

    I see no problem with them being hung up on franchises. I mean, it's not like they should become less hung up on them! They're classics! However, they could donate equal time to new stuff. I don't get what you mean. If you mean playing Wii games on the Wii U, yes, you can do that, but you...
  6. Jayson

    Mario vs Donkey Kong vs Sonic

    Which one is more fun and why? Myself, I seem to enjoy Mario the most, followed by Donkey Kong, and then Sonic. However, I cannot really pinpoint why, with the exception of Sonic. Sonic is very fast which is OK, but not as much fun as a slower game.
  7. Jayson

    PC vs console

    I like consoles for gaming cause that's what I'm accustomed to. However, though, I also like 3D art creation - and that requires a powerful gaming computer, even though no gaming is done. So anyway, I want a gaming computer for that reason, but there's the price!
  8. Jayson

    Games You Are Bad At

    Two would be Super Mario Sunshine and especially Paper Mario! I could never figure out those. In that case, I should have looked up a cheat - even though I hate cheats!
  9. Jayson

    What improvements are set for gaming in the future?

    Do you see improved graphics? What about improved memory? Does anyone feel gaming is at a zenith and cannot in many ways improve?
  10. Jayson

    Would you rent or buy games?

    For games that are terribly expensive, renting might be a good option. Nonetheless, there could be a good reason to rent cheaper games also. I mean, games can get boring - kind of like movies, so why keep them around?
  11. Jayson

    Is $60 a good price for games?

    For a person in a developed nation, it's not really a big loss. That's especially true if it's a good game. I mean, I'd probably pay 100 USD for Super Mario Galaxy; that's how good it is! Anyway, outside the richer nations, though, the big price is a burden, but there my be more a renting...
  12. Jayson

    Do Americans inherently enjoy SimCity more?

    I guess they should make one for other parts of the world. Anyway, it seems like it would profitable for companies - considering so much of the audience is non-American. In fact, it might even become a situation where they make more money outside of America.
  13. Jayson

    Any Atari fans here?

    I liked Pitfall Harry and Pole Position. In fact, I was a kid in the 80s - and that was when it was in it's last days. But anyway, what are your favorite games for the system? When did you play it? Does anyone have a console or retro-console now?
  14. Jayson

    Gaming Computer Brands

    What do you consider the best or better? What do you consider the best value? What is the least quality one you would buy? Also, where would you normally purchase your computers?
  15. Jayson

    Building Your Own Gaming Computer

    Can you do it? What might be some obstacles? Do you think you would get a better value and/or quality given the price? Where would you buy parts?
  16. Jayson

    Nintendo Switch

    The Switch move from CD roms to cartridge is good for kids. It's because, obviously, the scratch a lot of CDs. Anyway, though, I suppose you could also damage a cartridge. What might be some ways to do that? Do you think it's harder than for a CD? I think so.
  17. Jayson

    Do You Think Nintendo Has Become A Niche Market?

    Yeah, those niche games are cool. It's Mario, Donkey Kong, and probably others. Anyway, they're certainly my favorites and why Nintendo is my first choice! I hope they don't go under like Sega, but I don't see that happening.