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  1. lexinonomous

    Favorite Free-To-Play Steam Game

    This is one of the Free-to-Play games that I haven't tried out. I really enjoy playing through strategy games, so this might be something I'd be interested in. I'll give it a download and check it out this week. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. lexinonomous

    Your First PC Game

    Most gamers I know have an extreme amount of nostalgia when it comes to their favorite childhood games. There are so many video games that stick out for each console. As a child, the computer was a bit different than the playstation games my friend's were playing. I felt so much more involved...
  3. lexinonomous

    What's the best family game for Wii?

    The game isn't new, but I had so much fun playing Smash Party with my family. It was a great way to involve the kids as well. I think this was the only game that my entire family enjoyed playing together, other than wii sports and things like that. You really can't go wrong with a Super Mario game.
  4. lexinonomous

    Who else is excited for Pokemon Go!?

    I have always been a fan of the Pokemon games. There have been a few that I didn't really enjoy, but overall I think they put out great games. Pokemon Go is something I'm looking forward to. I haven't had any negative feelings towards the game. It looks like its going to be great! I'm trying to...
  5. lexinonomous

    If you could be any video game character, who would you be?

    I wouldn't mind stepping into the life of Sonic. The idea of spinning through hoops and jumping around like a mad man is super appealing. I am a roller coaster fanatic, so I can only imagine how fun it would be to go just as fast with my feet. I really wouldn't mind having a little fox friend...
  6. lexinonomous

    Why do you choose PC over console?

    I am definitely someone that prefers the PC over console. I think it's how comfortable I am on the PC that makes me love it more. I know the keyboard so well and the mouse allows me to have more control throughout the gameplay. I also enjoy that I can get more out of my video games through mods...
  7. lexinonomous

    Favorite SNES/Genesis games?

    I am going to agree with a few of the previous posters and say The Zombies Ate My Neighbors is my all time favorite SNES game. The game was fun and I never grew tired of it. It was just an all around good game. I played the game for hours on end growing up.
  8. lexinonomous

    Favourite old school controller?

    My favorite controller would have to be the SNES controller. It was the first controller with shoulder buttons and it fit well in your hand. There weren't too many buttons and they kept everything simple. They made excellent use of the shoulder buttons. I also loved the style of the controller...
  9. lexinonomous

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    The most irritating thing to me is negative attitudes. I really dislike getting into a game that involves teamwork and listening to people have scream wars over the microphone. I also hate to hear people's random bitter comments towards other players. I can understand getting frustrated with new...
  10. lexinonomous

    What's your favourite T.V series?

    I watch a few television shows every week and find myself pretty addicted. Right now I am really enjoying the Horror Television trend. I'm happy to see numerous channels catering to Horror Movie lovers and producing some really awesome material. I loved the first episode of "Ash Vs. Evil Dead."...
  11. lexinonomous

    Favorite Free-To-Play Steam Game

    It seems like Steam is releasing a new Free-To-Play game if not every day, at least once a week. The selection has gone from few to many in the last two to three years. I have yet to check out every game in the free section because I'm already stuck on a few I haven't tired of. Occasionally you...
  12. lexinonomous

    Favorite Gaming Youtuber

    Many of us browse YouTube for all sorts of material. There are channels for every genre you can think of. I find myself binging on comedy sketches and pranks, but occasionally I will come across a gaming channel that I enjoy. It's hard to find a good gaming channel in all of the PewdiePie chaos...