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  1. stuchemi

    Browser-Based Games

    I played Neopets and Runescape a few years ago. Recently I've been playing the Board Game Online with friends. It's pretty fun.
  2. stuchemi

    What is everyone playing currently?

    I'm currently playing DotA 2 and dabbling with Crusader Kings 2. I know it's a bit late, but I'm also considering getting DAI and playing that for the next few months.
  3. stuchemi

    Anyone a fan of Puzzle and Dragons?

    I've played this game for a couple of months now and it is honestly the only mobile game I've stuck to. I like how surprisingly in-depth the game is with multiple strategies that make it more than just "Bejeweled with waifus". The art is nice and the company is very generous to the point where...
  4. stuchemi

    Fantasy Life

    A cross between Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Animal Crossing? That sounds like my kind of game. I never heard of this game, but I always look for games similar to the three games you mentioned. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. stuchemi

    Where is everyone?

    I was completely devoted to Lineage 2 since closed beta until Interlude. Then I played some Runescape. Then I jumped to Guild Wars 2. Nothing compares to my first MMO experience and I always come back very few years. I played for the community and the current state of L2 retail makes me sad...
  6. stuchemi

    What PC game in your opinion has the best community?

    I agree, the EVE community is very mature and pretty receptive. I've never had a single bad experience with the community in Killing Floor. The community is pretty cool for an online FPS.