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  1. Personablue

    Do you watch anime?

    Yes, I watch lot of anime, in fact anime bought me to the gaming world. Pokemon, One piece, Bleach, Naruto, Fairy tail, there's just so many of them that I would like watch over and over if I had all the time in the world. Also the anime adaptation of Persona 4 and Danganronpa was awesome.
  2. Personablue

    What game do you have the most hours on?

    Witcher 3, no question asked. It was hands down the longest game I ever played or in fact I am actually still playing. I think I have reached the climax of the story which took me 86 hours. I guess I will easily cross 100 hours with this one. I don't play MMO or MMORPG, therefore I don't have...
  3. Personablue

    Do You Think Nintendo Has Become A Niche Market?

    Your statement is definitely not correct. Do you think if sony or microsoft sells x no of consoles and nintendo y no of consoles and you based profitability on that single factor? What if I tell you for each PS4 sold sony loses 9$, for each xbox one sold, Microsoft loses 19$ while for each Wii...
  4. Personablue

    do you pay for games

    I have no problem paying for games I like. But I still try my best not to spend any money on mobile games. Because I don't see the reason to buy potions, life, hearts or other in game materials using real world money, i.e. I am not a fan of free to play games. I do buy games that require upfront...
  5. Personablue

    Best PSP games?

    Jeanne d arch like someone already mentioned , then I would recommend the God of war series both chain of Olympus and Sparta also Persona 3 Portable. There are many more games, could recommend a few more if I could know your genre of liking
  6. Personablue

    Mind Zero Steam

    Mind Zero was released last week on Steam. It is a dungeon crawler + daily life sim. It plays like a Persona game. I played on my Vita and thoroughly enjoyed it with its quirky story and fun game play. I recommend this to all PC gamers to support this game so that more Japanese games can come...
  7. Personablue

    Top 4 Exclusive PS4 Games

    IMO, the 4 must have PS exclusives are Bloodborne, Infamous 3, the upcoming Uncharted 4 and the The Last of US if you haven't played on your PS3 yet or in case you owned a Xbox 360 during the last gen. There are many more upcoming exclusives though, much more than the Xbox one especially from...
  8. Personablue

    What is the oldest working console you own?

    Nintendo consoles are known for their durability, reliance and age. My GBA from 2005 is still working, I just had to replace my battery twice. The cartridges are still working, and I still play my Pokemon Sapphire. You won't get such longevity with other consoles like PS1,2,3 or Xbox. They...
  9. Personablue

    3DS or Sony Handhelds?

    Neither at this point of time, when the next Nintendo handheld is right around the corner. Just wait till E3 if you still haven't bought it yet. The 3ds is bound to get a price cut soon. PS VITA imo, is a fading brand. There is no future for it. Sony itself is distancing themselves from this...
  10. Personablue

    Games You Are Bad At

    Unfortunately, I am also bad at fighting games. It's alright for casual play but for professional or hardcore matches with real players then it gets troubling. I can't memorize all those combos, I keep forgetting them. But I love to play them against the AI and better if it has a story mode.
  11. Personablue

    what will be the real name of Nintendo NX?

    As we already know, Nintendo will reveal its next generation of video game consoles during E3. The Nintendo NX is the code named that was revealed by the late Satoru Iwata. I personally think that they should keep the Nintendo NX as the real name. It sounds cooler and tells us that this is a...
  12. Personablue

    Do you think the next Nintendo system will keep the "Wii" name?

    No, the next console is not named Nintendo NX, it is only the code named. Every console has its own own name, The Wii was known as Revolution and the WiiU as Project Cafe. Regarding OP question, no there is no doubt that Nintendo is going for a new beginning. The Wii brand has been tried...
  13. Personablue

    How old were you when you first got into gaming?

    As i live in a third world country, gaming never became mainstreamed. My father at only 20$ bought a unnamed third party video game console which could play Mario games using cartridges. I got hooked instantly at the age of 14 I bough my first legit console, the Nintendo DS, and thus began my...
  14. Personablue

    Have you ever hacked/cheated in a game?

    I have used a ton of Action Replay codes for the DS Pokemon games. It was Pokemon Pearl where I completed my pokedex with action replay codes. Some Pokemon were only even exclusive so it was necessary to do it. I had ton of fun doing it. Though i didn't cheat on 3ds.
  15. Personablue

    If you could be any video game character, who would you be?

    I always wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, so of course I would want to be the Pokemon trainer of every game, and start my very own journey, defeating gyms, other trainers and becoming the Pokemon Master. I wished I could be magically transported to such a place.