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  1. Catalyst64

    How much time do you spend on internet?

    Unfortunately, most of my day. I even do it while I'm at school, on my phone. However, when time comes, I will start doing more productive activities. I am sure that surfing the web wouldn't stay a habit of mine for a long time.
  2. Catalyst64

    What do you think of selfies?

    I have nothing against taking a few of them when you visit a nice place you've never been to before, but most of the "selfie-takers" I know take dozens of them even when they go for a coffee. I have experienced how ugly it is to, instead of starting a conversation, start taking selfies and...
  3. Catalyst64

    If you could visit one country at no cost..

    Probably Italy. Second would be the United States of America. I want to taste the Italians' food, take a look at their architectural achievements and find out how they live there. I would love to visit America so I can find out how it feels to live there. My country's economy is really bad and I...
  4. Catalyst64

    Do you think about you the games you play

    Yes, I do actually think about the game I'm currently playing and I feel anxious to get back home and resume my play session. Not in a bad way, of course. For instance, when playing Grand Theft Auto, I don't feel like going outside and hurting people. I just feel glad that something's caught my...
  5. Catalyst64

    Anyone else get motion sickness from games?

    I definitely get dizzy if I play an action game like Call of Duty on my TV for long periods of time. One thing I know for sure is that if I sit down in front of my PC since the moment I wake up and stay there for hours playing video games, I start to feel less like myself and feel the need to...
  6. Catalyst64

    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    I wouldn't say I am addicted to any game at all right now. I was probably closest to being addicted while playing League of Legends. I used to play hours and hours every day to unlock as many characters as I could, become better than the rest and climb the ladder to the top. I got tired of it...
  7. Catalyst64

    How many hours gaming?

    I don't really count them. I play whenever I feel like it. I am trying to pick up new habits at the moment, actually. Something to keep me off gaming. Something more productive. I actually ordered a few books last week, hoping they will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday. I also want to learn...
  8. Catalyst64

    Games You Are Bad At

    World of Warcraft. Don't get me wrong, I love the game and find it very fun, but I just suck at it. I can't even level properly. I hear people could get to level 85 in a couple of days, while it would seriously take me months to do it. Let's not even mention PvP - I get wrecked whenever I...
  9. Catalyst64

    Stay away from LoL scams!

    Yeah, I often see links to that kind of websites being shared on Facebook and friends keep messaging me on skype about them. Honestly, if it were 2011, I would've done it, too, but I know most of these, if not all, websites are scam. They must make good money though.
  10. Catalyst64

    Do you watch anime?

    I love watching anime from time to time. I choose whatever I feel like watching and I see recommended. The most recent one I watched was Haikyuu!! It's a volleyball anime and it's pretty fun and, unlike many other anime nowadays, it doesn't focus on only one character. In the beginning, yes, but...
  11. Catalyst64

    What is your current phone?

    Samsung Galaxy S Advance. Pretty old-ish and weak compared to what is offered today, but it still does the job. I'm not really keen on playing mobile games, but I would've definitely enjoyed me some Clash of Clans. Audio is beast, though.
  12. Catalyst64

    RAM cards?

    Unless you're planning on running many applications at once, 8GB RAM is just enough. I see people buying 32 or even 64 Gigabytes all the time, but any more than 16GB is a waste for a computer with personal usage. I use 8GB myself.
  13. Catalyst64

    What are your Specs?

    Intel Core i7-2640M 2.80GHz 8GB RAM 500GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Shitty.)
  14. Catalyst64

    Team Fortress 2 has a Christmas Update!

    That sounds lovely and I hope that it's not an update that brings along even more purchasable content. I feel like most of the new features they add have to be paid for in order to play them. The game is free and all, but it's just too much for me, especially since I bought the game back when it...
  15. Catalyst64

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Guys, as mentioned before, those of you who have Android devices should definitely download the game on their smartphones and tablets. I just did on my mom's Samsung Galaxy Tab to try it out, and I thought that it is very easy to handle the cards and it's not that easy to make a misplay. The...
  16. Catalyst64

    If you could choose a company as a sponsor for your pc gear, who would it be?

    Probably HyperX and, if I lived in USA, some pizza delivery chain, like Domino's. I feel like HyperX would be able to hook me up with the latest PC builds, while Domino's will satiate my other needs, such as hunger and thirst. Even though I am not a big fan of fast food, free pizza is definitely...
  17. Catalyst64

    Free Steam Game. Take it

    I wasn't fortunate enough to get anything, but I wanted to thank you for making this happen. This section of the forum is becoming more and more popular and I'm very glad that there are people who give out things without asking for anything in return.
  18. Catalyst64

    WOW expansion - free for 10 days?

    Great! I haven't played the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, yet, so if this intel is legit, I'll sure have some fun with it, even if it's only for ten days. I might even consider purchasing a subscription if I feel like playing it longer.
  19. Catalyst64

    Is it worth it?

    I haven't had the pleasure of playing on an Xbox One yet, but from what I've heard, because I've made my own research as well, I think that the Playstation4 is slightly better than the Xbox One. However, what you should really judge by is the exclusive games for both consoles. Do you like the...
  20. Catalyst64

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Well, I haven't played it in the past month, but I was thinking about playing it for a bit during the holidays. However, with the Steam Winter Sale, I will probably have to put it off until January. It's still one of the greatest console games and I've had tons of fun playing it.