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  1. Henrywrites

    Are you a competitive gamer?

    Yeah, this is my attitude. I would rather decide to stay awake for night instead of having to give up on a certain game. There are people that will always feel that they can't just allow you beat them on some game especially the online game and this is something we should work well as regards...
  2. Henrywrites

    What’s your favorite GAME of all time?

    I have been playing Top Eleven football manager and I have to confess that the years that I have spent playing the game is never a waste. Actually, there are still managers that are in the game that you can't just let things down without playing it.
  3. Henrywrites

    Which of these have you played before?

    Playing Super Mario was the hit as well. It is one of those games that you are going to enjoy playing and for the fact that you can't just work things off with it is something good as well.
  4. Henrywrites

    Which of these have you played before?

    I have played the Angry Birds on Sega and it was all fun through out the time that I spent playing it. The way that some of the people that I know spend time playing the game back in those days made it an exciting one for all of us.
  5. Henrywrites

    The things you do when you don't play.

    Having a sound sleep is all I do when I am not playing the game. The mind and body always desire a whole lot of rest and getting that rest when I am not playing any game is the best thing to do.
  6. Henrywrites

    Your First PC Game

    Playing Mortal Kombat 3 on my PC was one of the best things that ever happened to me as the graphics are just nice and the way that they built the PC version made it rival the console type as well.
  7. Henrywrites

    Have you ever finish GTA game?

    GTA games are the best as long as you are looking for a game that is going to keep you busy. I have played the mafia kings and it is a game that I will want to play another time too.
  8. Henrywrites

    What's the latest PC game today?

    As a football fan, FIFA is my latest PC game and the thing is that it has got that multi-player options which means playing with friends and family.
  9. Henrywrites

    Ever played DOTA?

    I would never say that people are wasting their money on a particular game. The thing is that our passion for a game can never be the same with others and for those playing this game, it is because of the love that they have for it.
  10. Henrywrites

    PC Gaming

    Playing games on the PC is just as better as what you have on your normal game consoles. The only downside is that you are going to have issue of space of memory when you are playing it with a PC that you use for other needs.
  11. Henrywrites

    How big of a problem do you think gaming addiction is?

    I like the way you ended things in the sense that it is simply a phase of life for every gamer to take it too serious and later adjust in life. I wish everyone will see it from that angle to realize that it is never a big deal for us who enjoy gaming.
  12. Henrywrites

    Your favourite video game movie?

    It would not be difficult for you to master the act of playing the game once you give it time to adapt. That is something that I did when I was still a novice as a gamer.
  13. Henrywrites

    Your favourite video game movie?

    Playing the game was pretty difficult for me as well as I was made to take so much time in order to learn it. However, it was a success at last as I become a pro. I would advise you search for some clips of it on the internet.
  14. Henrywrites

    Your favourite video game movie?

    Assassin Creed is one movie that I have watched and still play the game up till this moment. It is one that you will not get tired of playing since it is fun to play as well.
  15. Henrywrites

    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    Reading is one of the best things that I enjoy doing during my spare time. I have come to realize that everything we know in life is already in the book and by reading, I get to learn more about life.
  16. Henrywrites

    Champions League

    This is a pretty old thread but reading about Van Gaal brought about some difficult old times for me. It is something that I didn't really felt comfortable seeing him handle the positions till he left the club. He is not the type of manager that we need at the club.
  17. Henrywrites

    Do You Have a Good Relationship With Your Boss?

    You are really lucky to be working for a boss that understand the thing that work is all about. I mean when the boss knows that aside from work, that we are all humans, I wonder what will make the work not to be going as planned.
  18. Henrywrites

    Do You Have a Good Relationship With Your Boss?

    Trying to avoid conflict with the boss is also very good as long as the boss is someone that understands that it is also better not to go into conflict as well. Some bosses at work can be an issue and we should try to be mindful how we relate with them.
  19. Henrywrites

    Do You Have a Good Relationship With Your Boss?

    The thing that I really try to do as a employee is to keep a straight face when something about work is concerned. I try as much as I can to do the best in the task that I was given.
  20. Henrywrites

    Could you go 24 hours without a screen?

    This is something that I always think of in the sense that some of us are in that position where the computer is all that we need to make things work really fine at the end.