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  1. nnacrter

    Good mobile for gaming?

    Good mobile for gaming are fast loading devices and don't usually gets lag.
  2. nnacrter

    do you pay for games

    No, I never payed just for games. I won't spend money just for games. I just download games MOD to cheat sometimes.
  3. nnacrter

    Recommend me an offline game for Android

    Try BBTAN. It's so addictive and relaxing. Also Try 2048 puzzle game.
  4. nnacrter

    Mobile Legends Free Diamonds.

    Mobile Legends free diamond? Is this a form of cheating Mobile legends? I want to give it a try but I'm afraid to be banned on playing it.
  5. nnacrter

    Kinect (The effects of motion sensing on Gaming)

    Kinect sensor has lower precision and accuracy in terms of 2D mapping. Kinect also give us alternative way on controlling to play video games.
  6. nnacrter

    Ever played DOTA?

    I played DOTA but I stopped. I'm on League of Legends and Mobile Legends now. For me, DOTA has poor graphics. But it's so entertaining.
  7. nnacrter

    Wii & Wii U

    I never used or played Wii or Wii U. Am I only one?
  8. nnacrter

    League of Legends

    I'm a first timer player of League of Legends. My classmate just invite me to play it. I just Signed Up for my account in Garena today.
  9. nnacrter


    My favorite games to play in Nintendo are Super Mario Bro, Pokemon... these games are legends. Others are WWE, BarnYard, Over the Hedge, Naruto and other Cartoon Network characters games.
  10. nnacrter

    PlayStation never dies

    PlayStation never dies. PlayStation also played great role to complete the part our childhood. PlayStation keeps their technology to improve time by time for us to experience the convenience of playing.
  11. nnacrter

    Hello Everyone

    Hi. I'm a gamer and a graphic artist too. I'm also a newbie here. Shoutout to all of you guys!