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  1. jeffreyjose48

    Any Atari fans here?

    I am an Atari fan. My cousins are the ones who let me play this. They are the ones that are so expert in playing Atari.
  2. jeffreyjose48

    What is your best vacation spot?

    My favorite spot is in Antique. Our house is near the beach. I enjoy swimming on that beach.
  3. jeffreyjose48

    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    Yes of course. I love reading books. I love to read my Bible. I also love reading inspirational books.
  4. jeffreyjose48

    What do you do when you are bored?

    I just play games that I love to play. You will not get bored if you play. You are always excited to play.
  5. jeffreyjose48

    What's the first game you've been addicted with?

    It was battle city for me. I was in high school during that time. It was my classmates who were playing it who introduced me to play it.
  6. jeffreyjose48

    Best games to play in autumn?

    I don't like horror games. I don't play games that makes me scared. I play farming games.
  7. jeffreyjose48

    Any Christians?

    Me t Me too! I am a follower of Jesus. I also love playing solitaire.
  8. jeffreyjose48

    Any other interests aside from gaming?

    Same here with me. I also love music and playing guitar. I also love browsing the internet.
  9. jeffreyjose48

    The things you do when you don't play.

    I also read books, listen to music and watch videos.
  10. jeffreyjose48

    Stranded on a Deserted Island with Only 1 Game

    I will play Farmville 2. I love farming game very much.
  11. jeffreyjose48

    Too old to play games?

    That's true. There is no age limit in having fun with games. Its their right and decision.
  12. jeffreyjose48

    Ever played DOTA?

    The same is true with me. I have not played DOTA. But I always hear this among online gamer.
  13. jeffreyjose48

    Too old to play games?

    I believe that age doesn't matter when it comes to playing games. No one is too old to play. I believe that playing can make you feel like a child again.
  14. jeffreyjose48

    How do you relate with kids?

    Yes. I relate with kids. I have 2 kids that's why I can relate with kids. I played with them.
  15. jeffreyjose48

    Streams you watch?

    I watched the live stream of Intercessors for the Philippines. It was a great experience.
  16. jeffreyjose48

    Any Christians?

    I believe and love God also.
  17. jeffreyjose48

    Do you watch anime?

    Yes. I watch anime. I watch Dragon Ball Z before.
  18. jeffreyjose48

    What do you watch on Youtube?

    I watch many things on YouTube. I watched how to earn extra money online. I also watch about the power of God demonstrated in the ministries of T.B. Joshua, John Chi, and Andres Bisonni.
  19. jeffreyjose48

    Any Christians?

    I am a Christian. I decided to follow Jesus. No turning back.
  20. jeffreyjose48

    Hello Gamers

    Hello too! I am glad to be here. See you all around.