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  1. MomoStarr16

    PS4 and Xbox One - worth getting both?

    Nope. Just choose one either of the two. For me the reason of buying them is to play my favorite game called Final Fantasy. They both have that games but I prefer to play it on PS4. It was originated from Sony so why will I go look for another console when I started on Sony. Buying them both is...
  2. MomoStarr16

    Have you ever fought over a game?

    Of course and it was to my friend. We did it not just one time but almost every time when we play console games. We got angry if someone is being defeated. Its like my pride can't take it to lose over my friend. We almost fight for the bragging rights. But it was when we are little children.
  3. MomoStarr16

    What are you reading?

    Honestly I am reading the Bible. Reading it for almost 6 years and still can get enough of it. I am a Christian and I love to read the story that tells me how Jesus live in this world.
  4. MomoStarr16

    What do you watch on Youtube?

    For music purposes. Watching MTv's of my favorite songs. Downloading concerts and other stuff that involved my favorite bands. There are lots of things we may do at youtube. A great past time for me.
  5. MomoStarr16

    Why do you choose PC over console?

    It's flexibility will be the answer. You can actually play all the console game in PC. And you do a lot of things with a PC rather than a console.
  6. MomoStarr16

    What game do you have the most hours on?

    I really don't know the exact playing time but the game is Final Fantasy VIII. I played it year by year seriously. The time I played it, it took me a long time to finish it. I even quit because I find it hard. But when I finished it at the very first time, all the next time I played it took me...
  7. MomoStarr16

    Your First PC Game

    I don't no if this game will be accepted as my first game on pc but its name is JEOPARDY. It is a game where you answer the question like a quiz bee. You are playing with your friends. The one that press the keyboard first are given the chance to answer first. A way too old game guys. :D
  8. MomoStarr16

    Here comes a new challenger :)

    Hi everyone. I am a video/console game avid fan. Almost every inch of my life are dedicated by playing games. Finally I found a forum that I can find a lot of people that have a hobby just like me. Hope to see all you people who are addicted to playing games. :D