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  1. Enyi

    Do you have an extensive collection of games?

    You just brought back memories of all the Mario games it was really great fun for me then.I had the best of time gaming especially after my exams then I had all the time to play games that were trending then.
  2. Enyi

    What is the First PC game You Have Ever Played?

    I started playing PC way too young can't really remember but because I really used to like King's Quest IG and Solitaire. I will go with the two but the problem is that I don't know which I played first but I did really loved solitaire.
  3. Enyi

    Favorite video game music?

    Some videogames soundtracks are just amazing that even when I don't play the game I just sit with the soundtrack,it relaxing that way. Some games soundtracks I enjoyed are doom,assassin creed,final fantasy series,most Nintendo games and bang.I enjoy them a lot.
  4. Enyi

    Are you a competitive gamer?

    I try to do this all the time because I like competition especially when it comes to my favourite games I try to fight to finish to win.I'm a really competitive player.
  5. Enyi

    Will you spend real money for games?

    Why not, I have been putting money in games before now so it won't be a big deal if the game is worth my money and I have others always doing same for a win.I love competitive games especially those we can stacks with money.
  6. Enyi

    What's the latest PC game today?

    You're right I love all the FIFA games right from FIFA 2006 Till date, these are really exciting games especially for football addicts like me.
  7. Enyi

    PC Gaming

    I enjoy PC games a lot, maybe you are a bit slow on this because PC games have high quality graphics unless those that needs graphics card.PC games are good if you ask me and the layout is great too.Well,I think it will really depend on the computer used too.
  8. Enyi

    Ever played DOTA?

    I love dota both 1 and 2.we should always know that one seem a waste of time for one might be a sweetness for another and certainly dota isn't a boring game at a multiplayer game and I love to play it with my friends. It fun and exciting too.
  9. Enyi

    Good mobile for gaming?

    I'm using an android phone for my games and it has been the cool pad series phone and has about 3 GB RAM and a very good storing memory.So if you can try it out the better.
  10. Enyi

    Favorite mindless mobile phone game to make time pass?

    I like the bike racer it one mindless game that can keep one glued to a place for a long time by playing it.I like games that makes one trying to be creative and innovative and this game presents just that
  11. Enyi

    What are your favourite mobile games?

    I have played so many nice games on my mobile and I'm almost addicted to some which I'm trying to slow down with.I like titan,pokemon go,temple run,candy rush,bike racer etc.
  12. Enyi

    Most Impressive Mobile Games Today

    I think candy rush is very popular here and from the way its play it on their mobile all the time,I think its very impressive.I love temple run too because it an adventurous game.
  13. Enyi

    do you pay for games

    I get most of my games free and with android most of the mobile games on the play store are free,so I don't need to pay for them unless it has no free version will I pay for the premium version. Some games even come with android phones.
  14. Enyi

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    Some gamers can be very annoying,those that want to handle the pad all day,they're some very lousy ones that keep screaming at the top of their voices and getting ones eardrum vibrating. They are some that believe they know better than you,even wanting to play for you.Funny things gamers do.
  15. Enyi

    The things you do when you don't play.

    I love to play games a lot when I'm less busy but if I need to change routine I go with reading an inspirational book.I have one alresdy I have been trying to complete for weeks now. So I read some inspirational books too.
  16. Enyi

    What makes a person a gamer?

    A good gamer is a combination of all you have listed especially those that can play games for hours and become addictive like me.I love to play all sort of games consoles, PC, videogames, mobile both for cash and for free.
  17. Enyi

    Too old to play games?

    I don't think anyone is too old to play games even my grannies still do find time to play games.Games are really entertaining, educative, explorative,an exercise, helps in cognitive abilities etc.There's so much we can gain from playing games and it isn't age restrictive. Everyone is entitled to...
  18. Enyi

    What’s your favorite GAME of all time?

    My favourite game is FIFA series since I'm a great fan of football I love to play both on the field and on the screen too. I have been having an addiction since FIFA 2006 till date.I can play it all day without food that's how addictive to me it is.
  19. Enyi

    Why do you choose PC over console?

    I'm a great fan of building my games with a PC, I'm sure of it durability in terms of hardware and it is versatile too,it can be used as a source of other entertainment. One can upgrade a game at any given time and I love its modding which aids the replaying feature. All in all playing games on...
  20. Enyi

    What games are you currently into?

    My friends are keeping entertained with Dota2,rules of survival, league of legend,zero hour,world of Warcraft and lots more.There's never a dull moment for me as a gamer.