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  1. Hybridlullaby

    Does anyone still play their old DS consoles?

    I think my only real reason to keep playing my DS would be to use my Action Replay to get amazing Pokémon. It is hard if not impossible to trade them to new generation games, but it is still a lot of fun to be able to have any Pokémon you want. The Action Replay doesn't seem to be doing too well...
  2. Hybridlullaby

    Do you play Emulator games?

    I love them because it makes all the classic and hard to find or expensive games readily available to you. Most older games, if they were popular at all, are as expensive as the newer titles. I think that some of the price tags on them are just ridiculous, especially all the old Pokémon games...
  3. Hybridlullaby

    Your favorite GameCube videogame

    I would say Pokémon Gale of Darkness. I loved that it was a Pokémon game with an expansive story line that was actually pretty good. I liked the fact that it was the first Pokémon game on a major console with a story more than anything else. I have always wished that they would make another one...
  4. Hybridlullaby

    Most Annoying Video Game Character

    Claptrap in Borderlands is another one. He just drove me nuts with his constant rants. He was a bit of comedic relief at times, but he was more of a thorn in the foot. I think his infinitely horrible puns and his voice were what made him annoying. I liked his rant about saying "wall sphincters"...
  5. Hybridlullaby

    Free Games For Xbox 360.

    I like that the Xbox lets you keep the games even after you lose gold as opposed to PlayStation who takes them away when you run out of Plus time. They have an update as to which ones will be out at the end of the month if you check around on Google.
  6. Hybridlullaby

    Flash sale at playstation store. All games for $1!

    Oh my goodness. I just freaked out. Thank you so much for posting this. I am going to go crazy and download a bunch of these really quick. Excuse me.
  7. Hybridlullaby

    Consoles or Emulators?

    I am going to say the same as most of the others, emulators. It is very satisfying to have the hard copy and see the consoles sitting there, but it is just so hard to find a decent quality working classic system anymore. Not only that, but they cost an arm and a leg if they are in good working...
  8. Hybridlullaby

    Most Annoying Video Game Character

    I had forgotten about them. Why did you have to remind me? I'm just kidding. They drove me absolutely insane. I felt like they didn't contribute much to my fights besides annoying me to no end. I just don't see how Donald especially was needed as a side kick. I would have enjoyed it if you had a...
  9. Hybridlullaby


    I love a lot of games. I want to find a good android emulator that is worth using. If anyone can recommend one? I love music games like Final Fantasy Theatrhythm type things, role-playing games, or maybe a shooter game here or there, if it isn't too hard. I also get pretty into games like the...
  10. Hybridlullaby

    Halo 5- Guardians

    I am sad that Bungie left Halo. I understand why they did, and I feel like Destiny will end up being an amazing game. I just hope that 343 picks up the ball pretty soon. The servers have kind of sucked lately and Halo 4 was kind of just a flop story wise. They are getting people to come back...
  11. Hybridlullaby


    I am looking for a fun, preferably free to play, mobile game. I have downloaded so many games, but they are always just fun for a day or two, and I lose interest. I go out a lot to places where I have nothing to do but play on my phone while in waiting rooms, ect. I just want to find something...
  12. Hybridlullaby

    Music-themed games over?

    I know that the dancing games are still going strong on the newer released gen systems, but I am really shocked to find out that there are new Rock Band and Guitar Hero games on the way. I had thought that I heard that they were shut down due to plummeting sales. I am actually pretty excited to...
  13. Hybridlullaby

    3DS or Sony Handhelds?

    The PlayStation Vita seems to be more for anime style games. It seems to be the biggest platform for them right now. Nintendo has always seemed to have the edge over the Vita and PSP because of games like were previously mentioned, mostly Pokémon. I have always preferred the Nintendo consoles...
  14. Hybridlullaby

    digital download or not?

    I agree. That is my biggest set back. I just feel like I have to have the cases. I have mine all neatly arranged with character figures for each system sitting with them. I love to have them out on display, but if I ever wanted to sell them having the case and artwork makes them worth a lot, as...
  15. Hybridlullaby

    Persona 4: Golden, Anyone?

    I love all the Shin Megami Tensei games. Do you think that the Vita would be worth purchasing for the RPG titles that are on it? I was also thinking about getting the Playstation TV which is just a Vita for your television at half the price. I have seen the Persona 4 Golden anime which is...
  16. Hybridlullaby

    What Are the Best Wii Games?

    As for working out, I would say Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. For your brain, I would go with Big Brain Academy or Rhythm Heaven. I guess that almost all Wii games can give your arms a work out though. The dancing games are sure to give you a decent work out. I would go with the Kinect with...
  17. Hybridlullaby

    Castle Crashers

    It is still pretty popular. BattleBlock Theater is just as much fun, if not more, in my opinion. I would give it a try as well. It has a lot of customization from your character to your weapons. I miss the knights though. The storyline in BattleBlock is really fun and a lot longer, at least it...
  18. Hybridlullaby

    Do you remember you first ever computer console or system?

    Technology has come so far, and I am not that old. My first system was a Sega Genesis. I do remember when dial up internet was a thing though. It was so painful to wait for AOL to boot up. I do not miss the loud noises it made when trying to connect to the internet. We are all in such a rush now...
  19. Hybridlullaby

    Persona 5 Information

    A ways off? I thought that it was releasing this year? I hope that it doesn't get too pushed back. I know that they are working on a lot of projects like the Dancing All Night game. I wonder if it is worth it to get a PS Vita just for their games. I have Persona Q for the 3DS. I just genuinely...
  20. Hybridlullaby

    Is it me or have the releases of Wii games really declined?

    I feel like the Wii system family has been made for children primarily. If you look at the games released, it is pretty apparent. There are not very many games made for adults, but the ones that are, are the iconic titles like Brawl and Zelda. These titles have a cult following who will continue...