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    Anything 'RASSLIN!!!

    Yeah, I agree totally. I was let down. It proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that ECW HAS to have it's crowd, and that taping before or after a Smackdown just isn't going to cut it. They've GOT to let go of the WWE wrestlers showing up, and do their own show! It was good to see Trinity...
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    Anything 'RASSLIN!!!

    With Tanaka going down on ONE (albeit..a major one) chairshot, I doubt he's going to stick around, as he normally takes 5-6 of those during a match. I feel like with him jobbing out so quickly, that probably means he's not staying..pity if not! Tajiri was the same, he jobbed fairly easily, so...
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    Anything 'RASSLIN!!!

    Well, I didn't get in in time for predictions, but I thought the PPV was very well done minus one or two issues. Here's hoping that just because Heyman made the count against Cena, they don't pull the belt off RVD. Let him have it, re-make the ECW championship with it, and then hold a RAW...
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    Anything 'RASSLIN!!!

    Ahhh, Styles on the top of the cage. That was a great PPV! You're right though...when the competition gains a little speed, we all benefit, 'cause then Vince has to give us what we want. TNA is truly in tune with it's only takes one trip to an event to see this. Vince inherited a...
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    Anything 'RASSLIN!!!

    I think Benoit's suffering pretty bad right now. He's a tough SOB, so you KNOW he's hurting if he has to be out of action for awhile. Plus, I still believe the loss of Eddie weighs on him heavily, and he probably needed some weeks off to come to terms with both the injuries and the emotion.
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    Anything 'RASSLIN!!!

    Hmmm.....Carlito in DX could work as well..ok. We can put him in our dream DX stable, since there were six original members anyway right? Shawn, HHH, Carlito, Cena, Melina, and Nitro...good mix of traditional and new there I think huh? I also would have included Edge in there if they were...
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    Anything 'RASSLIN!!!

    It's interesting to see ECW come long as McMahonism doesn't corrupt it too much. I also went to a TNA show a few days ago, took some great pics (might post some here if interested), and they're looking really really sharp. It'll be interesting to see what they can do with someone...
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    American Idol

    Yup, agreed. Taylor is a visual artist..half of the fun is watching him contort and pretzel his body as he appears like he's in pain from singing. You just won't get that feeling listening to him on the radio. He is talented voice-wise, but I considered Chris to be miles better than anyone...
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    SLI = Cheap Upgrades

    I think I've pointed this out before, but I too hope SLI goes the wayside. Not only is it not convenient, but you have to remember that even though two cheaper cards might out framerate a newer card, you're also skimping out on updated features, like the latest shader versions etc. Buying one...
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    Booth babe round-up posted...

    Hey it!!! Lol.
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    Booth babe round-up posted...

    Yep, quite an impressive portbootyo, I mean, err, portfolio THQ has! I'm so sick I sicken myself sometimes. :)
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    Booth babe round-up posted...

    yeah, I saw that, but I was referring to one particularly really cute attraction there last year named Lilit. :P But they have impressive looking games too indeed! Hehe.
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    Booth babe round-up posted...

    Yeah, good article Matt! I also hear you visited the THQ booth again this year......... I missed you all!
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    What's the first game you beaten?

    Had to be Adventure for the Atari 2600...second game ever was Castlevania for the NES.
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    Do you have a significant other?

    Nope, no one for me. It's so hard right now to find a lady that can deal with some of my gaming. However, I know she's out there somewhere, and if she's reading this right now...get in touch with me!!! :) Even better if she's a gamer herself. Anyone for starting a MyGamer...
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    I think it's time for a new Killer Instinct

    I'll put my vote in for this. I've been screaming KI 3 for years now.
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    Greatest Rumor EVER

    Maybe...just maybe...this would let me finally play Gorf again! Whooohooo.
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    More Apple bashing

    Yeah, so I had another arguement with my co-worker today over this issue. I can admit, that for standard computer users that use wordprocessing, webbrowsing and photo stuff ONLY, a Mac is ok and probably even requires less maintanence than a PC. But if you want a machine that can do it...
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    Xbox Live

    Gamertag: HurricaneH Wish there was some way to put your gamertag card on here....
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    Games made into movies

    I do believe a Metroid movie is currently in the works..not sure if it's another Uwe Bole classic or not...but we can only hope not!