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  1. Corten

    Black Mesa: Source hits early access

    I agree, and seeing how much these guys put into the game itself. I think they deserve to sell it as a standalone game. I hope they'll succeed.
  2. Corten

    worth waiting for?

    It's amazing, although with the recent modding fiasco, I'd wait if you plan on modifying the game. If not, go ahead and pick it up, it's well worth it's prize, I think.
  3. Corten

    What game stands the test of time?

    StarCraft - Brood War, I just love that game, from time to time we still play it with my friend, there are a tons of mods that are so enjoyable with other people. It's a game from an era when modding was encouraged by the developers instead of forbidden for the sake of DLCs and profit. Another...
  4. Corten

    What is your opinion on the growing eSport scene?

    I think it's amazing, if people enjoy watching and doing it, I'm all for it. However, it needs to be taken seriously, there are many occasions where team are not being paid or someone pockets the whole tournament money. There was a case when the guy got threatened when he wanted to leave the team.
  5. Corten

    League of Legends, anyone?

    I do yes, mainly with friends when we have free time. Seeing as exams are coming up shortly I don't think I'll play too much in the next couple of weeks.
  6. Corten

    If all electronic games were unusuable tomorrow, what games will you play?

    Card or board games, or when it involves drinking Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare. I have really fond memories of the last two. For card games, I'd probably play Poker or Black Jack, board games, more than likely Monopoly or Settlers of Catan. Haven't played either in a while :(
  7. Corten

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    This is exactly why I stopped playing the game. When I saw they want to introduce more RNG with GvG, I just left. It was already frustrating to lose because my opponent got the perfect starting hand as a Zoolock and I got none of my aoe spells or anything that could deal with the pressure. And...
  8. Corten

    Minecraft Opinions

    I love it, it's the new Lego for kids and even though I'm not a kid anymore, I still enjoy it. Especially with friends, there is nothing better than bunching together and trying to survive. Mods can even make the game a lot harder or implement new items, I remember there is a mod that lets you...
  9. Corten

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Pistols are pretty strong in general, sadly. You can oneshot a rifler close range with the P250. In comparison, you can't onehit HS with the M4A4. The P250 does 107 dmg to helmet while the M4 does 93. I'm not even going to talk about the 5-7 and Tec-9, they are amazing guns for their price. The...
  10. Corten

    Name your favorite DOTA2 pro player, and why!

    I know right? It's inhuman how calm he can remain and still joke around. I wish he would bunch up with the old Mouz team again. They didn't win too many matches but that line-up was entertaining to watch. I remember there was a match against VirtusPro(?), they fought around Roshan for 20 mins...
  11. Corten

    Most Favorite Open-World Game?

    GTA Vice City, without a doubt. One of my favourite games of all time. The atmosphere, the characters and the story, just made the game almost perfect. That one mission with the RC helicopter will haunt me till the end of my life.
  12. Corten

    What Genre of Game Do You Like Better?

    FPS game, let it be single or multiplayer, or MOBAs. They can get me thrilled like no other genre. Of course I like to try out other games, too, but my 2 most played games are DOTA 2 and CoD2 and 4(Promod). Now I even started CS:GO. I seem to always get back to these kind of games no matter what.
  13. Corten

    Name your favorite DOTA2 pro player, and why!

    SingSing, hands down. The funniest, most level-headed Dota pro I know. I loved his videos when I started played a while ago in the beta and I still love his vids and streams even though I don't play the game anymore. I think we'd get along really well in real life, although there might be too...
  14. Corten

    The worst steam winter sale ever? Or am I just jaded

    The only thing I bought was a DLC for Payday 2. There was nothing that interested me and could've played on my PC. I came to the point where I played most games I could run and actually want to play. That's pretty sad :(
  15. Corten

    Elder Scrolls Online and Rumors of a move to FTP

    I'm not worried there are rumors of ESO going F2P. It was a mess at launch and it was obvious back then that it won't be a success. All they can do now is damage control, which is actually sad, because I hoped it would be a decent game.
  16. Corten

    What have you gotten in the Steam Christmas sales so far?

    I'm so sad I can't play GZ, my pc is too weak. MGR was an awesome game, even though it was far from its roots. I still listen to the soundtrack, it's amazing, they did a very good job making music that fits the theme of the game.
  17. Corten

    Which main character do you relate to from any PC game.

    Big Boss from MGS. His whole story is heart-breaking, I won't go into details, don't want to spoil things for anyone who wants to play the series. Long story short, he didn't have the easiest life, and even then, he tried to make the right decisions.
  18. Corten

    Wondering why some Games aren't available on PC

    As you said, good games DO sell really well on PC. The problem is, big developers don't make polished games, no wonder people are torrenting AC, Watch Dogs and other games. They are a broken mess, a few years ago they'd call them alpha builds. Now, they are finished AAA games for 60$. Look at...
  19. Corten

    Have you ever hacked/cheated in a game?

    Even though I'm not proud of it, yes. Just for the hell of it and to try what's so good about it. In CoD2, I downloaded an aimbot + wh combo and fired it up. I felt so dirty. Haven't cheated ever since, because I didn't enjoy it.
  20. Corten

    WOW expansion - free for 10 days?

    Yes! Great, now that I've finally broken free from WoW, they tempt me with such offers. I guess it's winter break so I'll check it out, I hope I won't get sucked in to the game again.