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  1. Vanezza

    What do you do when you are bored?

    Extreme cyber gaming. Boredom strikes when you have time to spare but your alone . So, the best companion for me is a gadget and connection to internet. Playing with somebody physically or somebody online would be more action-packed as you share same excitement to win the game. :)
  2. Vanezza

    Too old to play games?

    I agree with you. I think playing games is for all ages. It's one way to have a good time whenever boredom will strike. And games is more fun if you have somebody to play with. Life is short so we should enjoy it. :)
  3. Vanezza

    Ever played DOTA?

    Me neither. Even though most of my male friends are having a good time when they play Dota in group, I was unable to try it. They always say that they already build a team that they believe the strongest. Then after an hour of playing, they are nagging each other faces for losing the game...
  4. Vanezza

    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    Same here. I don't have favorite books but I learned to read more online like this kinds of forum. I read whenever I'm looking for an answer, insights, ideas, reviews and experiences about a specific thing such as gaming. :)
  5. Vanezza

    Good mobile for gaming?

    You might wanna consider Huawei brands if your looking for a finest mobile gaming experience as it has specifications but the same time unexpensive :) I'm impress as how my Huawei Mate 10 Lite that I bought only around $300 on the day it was released on October 2017 with 64GB still running...
  6. Vanezza

    Recommend me an offline game for Android

    Hi Andrea! You might wanna try this cutesy game , Once Upon A Tower. You can play it offline and download it for free on Google Playstore. Here's a quick overview of the game. You're imprisoned in a tower trying to escape from minions and a Dragon. The weapon you have is a hammer to dig ,to...
  7. Vanezza

    Grand Mafia Crime - Tank Mission

    Does anybody know how to clear the tank mission in Grand Mafia Crime Chicago Street? I tried to accomplish this so many times but I coudn't finish it. Having a hard time bringing the tank on top of the rock hill. I even looked for other way but can't find it, I'm stuck! :confused:
  8. Vanezza

    The things you do when you don't play.

    That is whenever I'm at work and friends asked me to hang out. Perks of being an adult. You will know your priorities and what's more important. But I think you shouldn't let go of your hobby coz that's the only thing that makes you feel cozy. And for me , playing my favorite game every weekend...
  9. Vanezza

    Have you ever finish GTA game?

    I tried to play Grand Mafia Crime Chicago Street,though, I had to pretend I'm a bald head in black undershirt and a yellow pants. How I wish I can opt it into a female. I know it is like a real life crime and women should not get involved. But anyways, I enjoyed playing it for about a week or...
  10. Vanezza

    Can you skip meals because of games?

    Yes I know, but there are times that I really just forget the time to eat whenever I am focus in playing like simulation games because you're dying to finish a mission fisrt for me to level up even if how many hours it could take me. But whenever my back starts to sore because of seating for a...
  11. Vanezza

    do you pay for games

    Yea. I remember buying good stuffs for my avatar , I mean I traded real cash for points or gifts to dress up my character like a "PRO", but not that much and I only did it once just to satisfy my gaming pleasure. :)
  12. Vanezza

    What are your favourite mobile games?

    I am currently addicted to Tiny Archers. The quest is to defend your tower from Goblins who has different skills and abilities. They're getting stronger each day while you can also upgrade your arrows with fire, ice, and heavily damage to kill the enemies easily. The more Goblins you hit by head...
  13. Vanezza

    Do you think kids play games too much?

    Yes! I have seen a lot of youngsters even has their own gadgets to play with. But I think it is still up to the parents how to handle their children. I believe parents should also encourage their kids to do outdoor activities nowadays to stay healthy than letting them isolate themselves at home...
  14. Vanezza

    Have you ever hacked/cheated in a game?

    I honestly cheated too. But never been happen again because it simply loses the purpose of the game. The feeling before searching for a bot , your'e eagerness to accomplish each mission. Then after looking for hacks on how to have all the skills for your character, you suddenly stop playing it...
  15. Vanezza

    I just want to greet everybody here!

    Same here. :) Excited to explore the site today and start acquiring new gaming knowledge and technology, reviews and share my insights too for the benefit of us gamers. Good day ahead! ;)
  16. Vanezza

    Metal Slug mobile, who has one??

    I used to play this cool game when I was 6 in a gaming console and tried to look for it through my smartphone this year and fortunately, yes ,it is available in Google Playstore. I honestly downloaded the same app as the picture above since this one is actually for free. And so far , this game...