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    What games are you currently into?

    I'm trying to platinum all CoDs. I have recently done BO3 (which is a nightmare grind and the hardest of the lot) and I'm now on Cold War.
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    Assassin's Creed: Odyseey owners, how is the game so far?

    All I hear is people praising this game and I thought it just looked dated. I still have it installed, may try it again one day.
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    Today I have login into someone else's account in the epic game store.

    Wow, that's pretty mad - quite scary too. How did you both manage to have the same gmail and how didn't you notice?
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    R.I.P. Naruto :'(

    Man, talk about spoilers. I've never seen an anime and was thinking about getting into it (or trying to). I don't need to watch that one now then.
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    Daily rant

    Isn't it crazy to come back to read this and see where we are now. The world was locked down and the UK still is lol.
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    What's your favourite T.V series?

    I liked the Office US too but it's a toss-up between Wentworth Prison and Breaking Bad. There's so many that keep popping into my mind now though lol.
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    RL Stine's Goosebumps

    I'm always reading my kids' when I'm in between books they are actually great lol. Nice, easy reads.
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    Music While Gaming?

    It all depends on the game. I like a bit of Judas Priest, Motorhead and Pantera. For games like golf, I turn to Pink Floyd and the likes of Neil young.
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    How much time a day do you spend gaming?

    When I have a day off I can quite easily play all day. When I have work though, I tend to wind down at about 7PM and play until 1.
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    What are you reading?

    I've just finished Les Miserables and on Appendix A now lol. Such a drag. They could have gotten it all into 400 pages but chose to use 3 times as many.
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    What do you think of selfies?

    I think they're overused and I don't understand the impression. That doesn't stop me snapping a few every time I drink though lol.
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    What is your current phone?

    I'm currently rocking the Samsung Galaxy A71. Not long upgraded from an A40. Not the best of phones but it does me.
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    Yes, I watched 12 Hour Shift not so long ago and absolutely loved it. I didn't think it would be my thing but I'm glad I took the risk.
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    Who knows how to play Chess?

    I know the VERY basics. All the rules and strategies I saw in The Queen's Gambit is far beyond my skillset.
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    What game soundtracks do you have on your playlist?

    The soundtrack that backed the Witcher 3. It was nothing short of amazing and I listen to it quite often.
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    2.1 million people still use AOL dial-up

    LMAO, how and why on earth are they doing that? They must live in caves or something. It's 2021.
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    Favorite Gaming Youtuber

    My kids watch a LOT of Dan TDM and over the years I have come to really appreciate his stuff. I've even subbed myself.
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    Everything Anime Thread

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an anime virgin (I mean, I haven't watched anime yet, not that I have and I'm a virgin)?
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    Hello Gamers

    Hi Emmaz. I think I'm newer than you here, but welcome to the forum regardless. See you around :)
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    Any other interests aside from gaming?

    I have quite a lot of interests. I work as a writer, but I also do it as a hobby, on-the-side. I also like to read and I'm obviously a gamer. I also collect spiders and practice archery.