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  1. Potatoman

    Do you have a mechanical keyboard, if so do you think it's better?

    I use a mechanical keyboard and I personally much prefer playing games and typing on it. I love the feel and sound of it even though it is a little bigger than most keyboards
  2. Potatoman

    What's your favourite T.V series?

    I think mine has to be either The Office U.S or Game of Thrones. The Office is absolutely hilarious and even after watching the show you can still go on YouTube and play short videos on funny scenes. Game of Thrones is just fantastic and is a very unique series
  3. Potatoman

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    Is it their silly your mom jokes, their insults/threats, ego or something else?
  4. Potatoman

    What Steam game are you hoping will be in the Steam winter sales this year?

    There's always some game that you want so badly but can't afford. What game is that for you that you'll be hoping will go on sale?
  5. Potatoman

    What's the best family game for Wii?

    Christmas is coming up and the Wii is always brought out for some family fun. What are the best Wii games for a family with teenage children (16+)? Something funny is always preferred
  6. Potatoman

    What's the best (if any) shooter games for mobile?

    I'm getting kind of bored of puzzle and car games. Are there any good shooter games out there that are good?