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  1. AmazonXD

    New to 3DS, Loving Every Second

    I sat around and didn't purchase a Nintendo 3DS for the longest time, mainly because I was never interested in the handheld market. Eventually, I had to cough up and buy one due to Legend of Zelda OoT and Majora's Mask (I'm an obnoxiously huge Zelda fan). That being said, I love my Luigi 30th...
  2. AmazonXD

    What's the Most Difficult Megaman?

    I always like seeing everyone's opinions on which Megaman game is the hardest. I'm going to go ahead and keep it in the 8-bit era for this (although MMX is one of my favorites). I'm going to say Megaman 9 or 10 are definitely the hardest. Everything past MM4 was super easy, in my opinion...