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  1. Darth_Jonas

    slammed doors

    Um, you know how sometimes when you pray for God to make clear His will? Maybe you haven't, but I sure did. I asked that doors that I'm not supposed to go through be slammed and the ones I supposed to go through be opened and obvious. Today I got layed off. I could say a lot of nasty...
  2. Darth_Jonas


    As much as I like reading the articles posted on Mygamer, I have to wonder who proof reads the articles? A spelling error here or there is one thing, but come on guys.
  3. Darth_Jonas

    online stuff?

    Ok, so I know a few people who own Wii's. They are happy that they can get online with it, but what can they do? The weather channel? As cute as that is, and the Wii friends are, they haven't really found a way to make the Wii do anything interesting online. Before the days of xbl, we...
  4. Darth_Jonas

    memory question

    Friend of mine bought a Wii. It uses an SD card for memory but he doesn't want to shell out $50 for the official Wii card. Can he use just any SD card?
  5. Darth_Jonas


    why do I keep getting the error that mygamer has been hacked? Is spuds playing with buttons again?
  6. Darth_Jonas

    An heir to the throne!

    I'm going to be a dad! Woooo! August 12 is the prospective due date. As future emperor of the world, I will have an heir to the throne!
  7. Darth_Jonas

    Next gen wars updates?

    Anybody got some legit updates on sales comparisons for the next gen wars? I want to know how many consoles have been sold since Thanksgiving especially. That gives a clearer picture of the hotness of the items. Of course those of us who already have a 360 have no need to rush out and grab...
  8. Darth_Jonas

    Asylum beware!

    At 3:30, I kick the tires and light the fires. I'll be in NC tonight if all goes well. What say you to a little 360 this weekend? And if anyone thinks they can handle the best, get on xbl. Look for jackasss.
  9. Darth_Jonas

    Superman Returns (the movie)

    My wife and I watched the Superman Returns DVD last night (I'm specifying so no one confuses it with the game). The movie was well done, but for some reason I still don't love it. Last night I discovered that reason: I hate Lois Lane. In the old movies she was clueless to Clark, but still...
  10. Darth_Jonas

    Who had the coolest....?

    We had a huge discussion at work, and I thought I would bring the fight to here. Who had the coolest ________. We have debated coolness levels of many different things, so in light of the impending Christmas season: Who had the coolest Santa's sleigh in a movie? I've always loved the...
  11. Darth_Jonas

    Sony vs. Sony?

    Did anyone else hear the comments made by the Zune's project lead? He spoke mainly about the Zune and microsoft stuff, but he did get in a few shots on Sony. He commented that the Zune has stayed away from a gaming focus so the market wouldn't be distracted from the 360 and xbl. They want to...
  12. Darth_Jonas

    Smackdown vs. Raw

    Ok, so I'm heading to the store today to cash in my NFS game and grabbing Smackdown vs. Raw. It's been years since I've owned a good wrestling game and it's time. Look out Asylum. Jonas will rise again!
  13. Darth_Jonas

    Need For Speed: Carbon. My take.

    Ok, so I went out last week and bought NFS:C. I always liked the other versions and from what I had heard and read on this one, I wanted it. It is a fun racing game and the cars and the range of things you can do to them is pretty cool. However, I have one huge complaint. I can't afford the...
  14. Darth_Jonas

    Final Fantasy

    I can't remember. Is there going to be another Final Fantasy for the 360?
  15. Darth_Jonas

    Left Behind game Wanna be the Anti-Christ? This game looks hilarious. I read most of the series, so it could get into some pretty dark areas.
  16. Darth_Jonas

    educational gaming? This could be great. Who remembers Oregon Trail? I loved that game.
  17. Darth_Jonas

    Real Heroes

    I was thinking on the passing of Steve Irwin and realized just how much of a hero this guy was. He's a man's man. The kind of dude that gets respect without ever speaking. The kind that has to wear rubber boxers because his steel balls clanking together catches his clothes on fire. He was...
  18. Darth_Jonas

    How 'bout dem terrorists?

    I find the thwarted terrorist attack disturbing, but I find some of the reactions even more so. CNN had a pic up earlier of two state troopers patrolling the Chicago airport carrying full-auto weapons. That disturbed me. I'm sure our military, police, and intelligence agencies have prevented...
  19. Darth_Jonas

    XBL and Halo2 handles

    Alright, a friend of mine showed me where you can get your Halo2 stats at Bungi. So, what are your XBL handles, and what are your stats? My friend's is Mattatk Asylum, you gotta have one!
  20. Darth_Jonas

    what would the next Star Wars game be?

    Mike Shaeffer has a good article about the future of Star Wars in gaming. Although I do disagree with his assessment of the difference between books and gaming, I did like what he had to say. Since no Knights of the Old Republic games came out last year, I want to know: What would you like...