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  1. Stan

    Updating the site

    If you notice any bugs please let us know.
  2. Stan

    Forum Design Update

    Today we have released out update forum design. It is a work in progress so if you notice any bugs please let us know. Thank you
  3. Stan

    New Design

    As you guys have noticed we have redesigned yet again. We have not had the time to redesign these forums to match the new site design. This will be coming within the next 2 weeks or so. I am just putting the finishing touches on the main site. If you havent seen the new design yet...
  4. Stan

    New Design

    The staff at Mygamer is happy to announce a complete revamp of We have added hundreds of features to the site while upgrading to a new modern style. The forum will take atleast a week to update to the new style but it will be done.
  5. Stan

    MyGamer Credits

    What are Credits? Credits are something like "virtual money system". You receive Credits when you post on the forum and doing some other activities (check the list below). You can then redeem your credits for awards or forum perks. How do I earn Credits? Replying to threads: Earns 5 credits...
  6. Stan

    What would you like to see?

    Since we are implimenting new features daily we would love what you would want to see. Let us know..
  7. Stan

    New Logo

    We have completely redone our logo to better match the site. Let us know what you think
  8. Stan

    Profile Cover

    We have just implimented a new feature called Profile Cover. To add a Profile Cover simply go to your profile page. You will see the following image: Mouse over the image and you will see the option to Change Cover. Click that and upload your new cover image. Note: If you need to reposition...
  9. Stan

    Major upgrade

    We have redone our forum section from the ground up. Give us some input!
  10. Stan

    CONTEST - Prizes to come!!! Cash, gaming gear..

    Thats right guys, I will be giving away prizes to our active members. By posting you are not only meeting new people and talkin' games, but also get a chance to get some dead Presidents and cool gaming gear.. I will announce some winners here when I feel we have some active members.
  11. Stan

    Is Nintendo following Sega's route?

    Nintendo's sales are dreadful. US Wii U sales at 57000 in January, Xbox 360 sells 281000 during month. Will they dump Hardware sales and become a Game Publisher?
  12. Stan

    Forum Update

    I just finished up the forum theme to match our Website's. Please let us know if you find any bugs.
  13. Stan

    Helio Ocean?

    Has anyone seen this monster? I am acually thinking of getting one. And Helio phone plans are just insane. $149 a month for unlimited everything including minutes.. What do you guys think of it?
  14. Stan

    Screenshot Mystery #5 ($$$ prize)

    The rules for this game are simple, guess the game in which the attached screenshot is from. First person to post the answer here will win the prize. Screenshots can be of any game on any platform, including Arcade. PRIZE: $10 paid via PAYPAL. Winner must have a valid Paypal account to...
  15. Stan

    Win a PS3 at our sister site!!!

    All you have to do is sign up and post at to win a brand new Sony PS3. Please review rules at:
  16. Stan


    Ok.. I am really going back here.. But I lost maybe 1000 hours of my life playing this stupid battle chess type game on the C64. It got so bad that maybe 10 of my friends would come over after school and fight to see who would get the next game. CLASSICS AT ITS BEST!!!
  17. Stan


    Who here remember Zork?!?! I sure do, countless hours of typing things Zork couldnt understand. Trying to say things to get me past whatever obstacle was before me. God I loved this game.. Who here remembers Zork?
  18. Stan


    Ok.. So I was one of the dorks who waited online thinking Atari was going to make a comeback with the 64bit jaguar. Sure I got all the launch games. All 5 of them. AVP was so awsome. But umm.. well.. WTF was I thinking? Or better yet, Atari for that matter. AVP was all it had. But stupid me...
  19. Stan


    I was a Atari 2600 owner. Had 60 games, and always had a game to play. But when I went to my friends house to play some Colecovision I always was jealous. Sure I had 60 games, but I didnt have the Smurfs!! And I needed it. Would I trade my 60 games and 2600 for the privlage of playing the 3...
  20. Stan

    Neo Geo

    I remember when the Neo Geo first came out. Baseball Stars, Magician Lord!!! OMFG!! Compared to my Snes this was 10000% better. I had to own it. $600 price tag though?!?! BLAH!!! Who cares that I was poor!! I must own this piece of high tech machinery. So I had to stoop to an all time low. I...