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  1. daniel hancock

    Do you trade in old games or sell them?

    I have looked into this in great detail before selling my games, just to get the best value I can for old games that I do not play anymore. Some shops offer a trade in scheme where you get gift cards for their store, but they tend to offer much more than selling the game privately which is...
  2. daniel hancock

    Retro gaming vs gaming today

    I will always remember my first games console which was my Sega Megadrive. I was only eight when my father bought me it which is where my love for gaming started. Although games today have come a long way in terms of graphics and content, I still think some of the older gaming like Alex the...
  3. daniel hancock

    Android vs ios for game play

    I have both android and an Iphone which I play games on. I cannot decide which is better for game play though! I have just got the new Sony Xperia z3 compact and the game play on it is amazing, but some of the apps available through the app store are brilliant! I think weighing it all up...