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    What’s the movie that you can’t get enough with?

    Mine is HARRY POTTER (1-7), A WALK TO REMEMBER. Both differs in genre but captures the my attention the most. Although, there’s a lot of good movies still these two are my all time favorite. How about you? What’s yours? Does it something sci-fi? Romantic comedy? Or a game-related movie?
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    Does your partner gets angry when you play GAMES?

    My partner is sometimes supportive and sometimes mad. I don’t know it always been her mood. She gets mad when I play when didn’t have anything to do and became calm when she’s busy with something. She’s so unfair, yeah, but i like this side of her. She’s possessive in a very LOVEABLE way.
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    How much time a day do you spend gaming?

    i always have free time still my longest play-time was 4 hours i think. And it was just a time when I’m really bored and have nothing to do, there’s no movie, kdrama, series to watch.
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    Recommended Kpop groups/songs?

    I recommend iKON. Although, they are not that popular yet i love them. They’re super duper cute for me. My bias is Ju-ne you could easily remember his face (the one with the coolest-fighter-like appearance) and voice (his super manly and soothing voice). I got to know them by their famous song...
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    Do you watch anime?

    I watched anime only when I have watched all my favorite movies, kdrama and series. I guess anime is in the least of my todo list during leisure time . Still, i am a fan of NARUTO AND BORUTO this is the only anime which made me wait for the latest update of episode. I really love the story of...
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    Anyone here KDRAMA Fan?

    I am a huge fan of KDRAMA ever since! Fyi, right now, i’m watching MISS HAMMURABI (a 2018 kdrama where the protaganist who were old classmates met as young judges in the department). I love KRAMA because of the unique storyline, the koreans are very cute although most them had plastic surgery...
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    Will you spend real money for games?

    I will if I can afford to. Right now, i’m a college student who needs support of my parents financially. But then again, if ever I am making my own money then I guess spending real money is easy. I am a very competitive gamer and it always frustrates me whenever some of my friend have this large...
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    What is the First PC game You Have Ever Played?

    I was 11 year old when I started playing computer games and the first game I have ever played was PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES. I play with my siblings and usually we take turns. We had our own account.It was also the first game that I became addicted to. It was easy to play but needs a strategy still a...
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    Ever played DOTA?

    Honestly speaking, I never once play this game but my brother is addicted to it so I know its “design”. Watching my brother played this makes me cringe all the time. It just that I don’t understand the game and there are many controls to remember. My brother once said that if i wanted to learn...
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    What’s your favorite GAME of all time?

    Mine was TOWNSHIP (a mobile stimulation game). It’s a kind of game where I can build my own town. There was helicopter to fill orders for my people inside borders, trains to deliver goods outside parties and also an Airplane which takes 12 hours to complete the given goods. I can also construct...
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    Have you ever finish GTA game?

    I am always laze and impatient to finish this game. How about you? Does it fulfilling?
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    Gamer in Transit here!

    Gamer in Transit here!
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    What's the latest PC game today?

    Old pc games are just tiring to play like GTA San Adreas, House of the Dead, DOTA, LOL etc. Know some games that is a bit cool and addicting? You can tell me those suspense kind of game, you know? I like horror game the most.
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    Are you a competitive gamer?

    What I mean about competitive gamer is that it is a kind of feeling that you will not stop playing a particular game unless you won. For example, in playing ROS (Rules of Survival) you'll play to the longest hour possible until you win the first place #CHICKENDINNER. As for me, I am a...
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    What makes a person a gamer?

    I'm in the process of calling myself a "gamer" because I'm find of games but I'm not that devoted to playing games everyday or every hour. What makes you a gamer? Does it because you play games 4-8 hours a day? you know a lot of pc and mobile games? you know the latest games? you'll play a game...
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    PUBG mobile or ROS mobile?

    AS to count my vote I prefer ROS over PUBG. First, ros graphics are better. Second, the controls are difficult in PUBG while in ROS there is a smooth transition for it. Third, PUBG are little messy unlike ROS. Lastly, PUBG is easy and it's not challenging. Well, this is my opinion so no hates...