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  1. toradada5598

    Who or what would you like to cosplay as?

    Ahhh.... I can't choose >A< Too many to choose from >A< But I guess for starters, I'll go with a much simpler one :) Someone that's kind of like me so I can express and demonstrate the cosplay well :D Nahh, thinking about it, that would be hard too >A< I'll go with a cool flat character xD I'd...
  2. toradada5598

    What do you enjoy in your spare time? (well, aside from gaming)

    I also love art. But I easily get frustrated when I don't do something the way I imagine it to be :( So sometimes I give up on drawing and making crafts... But I do go back to it after some time :D I love anime, mostly Japanese cartoons, but I also enjoy Western cartoons such as Avatar and...
  3. toradada5598

    Did anyone catch the solar eclipse the other day?

    You're making me cry T_T I wanted to see it... But in the end I fell asleep (I've been "hibernating" lately, lol) Well, did you? If you did, was it cool/beautiful/whatever-positive-adjective?
  4. toradada5598

    Android or iOS?

    I don't own either :( But my family (Yeah, sucks that I'm the only one in the family without a smart phone... But it's my choice anyway XD) prefers to buy Android phones than iOS. One reason is that Android is cheaper. Another is that Android is more technologically advanced. And because most...
  5. toradada5598

    Do you guys use a to-do list?

    I "use" a to-do list... I write everything I need to do there and even allot specific time slots. But I also add some (or rather, a lot) of breaks... Problem is... I'm easily demotivated >m< So in the end, I don't follow my to-do list and go off extending my break. But I still complete the...
  6. toradada5598

    What Genre of Game Do You Like Better?

    I like RPG games the best because of their stories -or perhap, from those that I've played, the ones with the best stories are RPG games :3 Then I like Tactical RPG games too (that's what google said, lol) >>FF Tactics and Suikoden Tactics for example. I love how they incorporate tactics with...
  7. toradada5598

    Do you play browser games?

    Neopets!!! Honestly, I loved Neopet games then! But now... Well, I can't say I hate the game or don't like it.... It's just that money is faaaar harder to earn now than before :( <<Although I don't really spend the money, lol. --- And yes, I do play browser games :D I don't find any reason not...
  8. toradada5598

    NES games = best ever.

    Yes!!! And then aside from being hard to finish, the games also don't have save points! Wait... They had weak spots?! Dang, that must be why it's so hard >:) Man, I shouldn't have given up on this game :( Anyway, my favorite NES game would be Solomon's Key. It was sooooo hard (at least for me...
  9. toradada5598

    Do you remember you first ever computer console or system?

    I'm not sure which we had first (it might be that one console was released before the other but we had the other first...) But I remember having: NES, SNES, Famicom, PS1 and SG-1000. Then we had a pc (it was IBM) under a dial-up connection. Internet was soooooo slow then >A< But I loved the...
  10. toradada5598

    Do you have an extensive collection of games?

    Yup, we never throw anything away (except those that are broken :( *sobs*). I'm just not sure whether all of the games are still functioning after hiding them :confused: This thread makes me want to go and dig up these treasures and play each and every one of them from start to finish :D
  11. toradada5598

    Random Game Game (lol)

    Disclaimer: This is a game thread with no prizes. So, the idea of this thread is simple randomness. You (the posters/commenters) ask a question/make a game and the next commenter would have to answer it. The question/game can be anything -mystery picture, mystery "synopsis" (or description, not...
  12. toradada5598

    Mega Man 2

    Haven't played any Mega Man game for a while >A< The last time I played Mega Man was years ago :( And while reading your comments, I really felt nostalgic... And ashamed of myself, lol. I really had a hard time playing Mega Man then (perhaps it's because I was just a kid then... but...) Then all...
  13. toradada5598

    Your favorite generation of consoles?

    I like the Famicom, NES, etc's era the best. Probably because that era was the one that enthused me to being addicted to games :)) Another reason is because that era had low (but not so low) graphic quality (pixelated, limited colors & animations, etc.) but they still projected the game...
  14. toradada5598

    Consoles or Emulators?

    Consoles ftw!!! Consoles: Pro: Playing using consoles feels better than playing using emulators Con: Consoles are waaaaay too expensive (for me) and the games are expensive too >A< Emulator: Pro: Most emulators and games are free; Usually there's a "save state" (lol cheating XD) Con: Doesn't...
  15. toradada5598


    Try Duet :) It's a super hard yet super fun game :D The gameplay is simple: there are two circles connected to a ring, tap/hold right and the ring/the circles will turn counterclockwise; tap/hold left and the ring/the circles will turn clockwise. The objective of the game is to avoid all...
  16. toradada5598

    Anyone else addicted to escape games?

    Hey, did you know about breakout? :) I'm not sure where in the world it's available (it's available in my country, but I'm not sure if all countries have it). It's a real-life escape game :D A friend of mine told me it's really really hard, plus the overwhelming time pressure makes it difficult...
  17. toradada5598

    Mobile Grinding and Boring Games

    I agree with you! But I don't give up... I just take a break... And forget about it soon afterwards, hahaha <<which actually leads to me not finishing the game (and I don't and probably will never buy anything with real money... simply because I can't afford it, lol)
  18. toradada5598

    do you pay for games

    I've never paid for a game nor have I made any in-game purchase. But I (and my sister) am planning to purchase the pro-version of elevate and mindgames :) The only problem is that we ain't got that high of extra money to waste >A<
  19. toradada5598

    Questions? Comments?

    What's the difference between credits and points? :)
  20. toradada5598

    How did play the original Game boy so much as a kid?

    I was addicted to playing GBA back then. That was until I misplaced/lost its charger :(((. Although it still had battery charge until a few years ago :). Didn't feel any difference except for the butterflies in my stomach *w*. But I guess, if I'm going to play my GBA right now, I might get the...