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  1. AwesomeHero

    How good is your gaming skills

    I am not that bad but for me I think if I would've put a lot of time into a game..I would have been a really good player. Just really no time. As for games that I'm just good at no matter what.. I guess FPS and Racing games.
  2. AwesomeHero

    Does anyone here still play Pokemon Go?

    Was playing it a lot but stopped last year. Right now some of my friends started playing it again so I downloaded it too. It's not that bad as for a game that was released few years ago.
  3. AwesomeHero

    The best graphics card you've had in this moment?

    Right now I have GTX 750Ti but in a few months I will propably upgrade to 1050Ti or so. Unfortunately after crypto market "boom" prices were really high but now it's a bit better..
  4. AwesomeHero

    What are your favourite mobile games?

    When I was playing games on mobile I really liked Need For Speed No Limits and Real Racing 3. Tried a bit of Fifa games but it's not the same as on the PC or consoles.
  5. AwesomeHero

    The things you do when you don't play.

    Apart from school and work I like to workout and sometimes I go cycling. But as the winter is coming I will propably start going to pool and gym rather street workout.
  6. AwesomeHero

    Can you skip meals because of games?

    No, not really. Of course I was but right now I am trying to eat every 2-3 hours. I am very skinny and underweight so that's important to me.
  7. AwesomeHero

    Cell Phones

    Just buy a midrange phones. After 1 or 2 years you can still sell them without losing a lot of money. If you buy flagship you will lose around half of money or so.
  8. AwesomeHero

    The Crew 2

    Heyy, has anyone played TC2? I'm big fan of the first game but I don't have really money so it needs to be a good buy.
  9. AwesomeHero

    Are you a competitive gamer?

    Yeah, I guess that I am. But if I know that i'm tilting too easy or something like that, there is no rush. If I see that I'm playing worse because of stress, I'm just going to chill out that day.
  10. AwesomeHero

    Ever played DOTA?

    I was trying but it bored me really. Maybe because I was playing alone. Everyone is playing League of Legends so.. I don't like LoL so I came back to CS. I'm better at FPS games so it's better that way I guess.
  11. AwesomeHero

    Hello Everyone

    Hey! I really like games too but too i'm and artist! More into music's still art haha
  12. AwesomeHero

    Your First PC Game

    For me.. if I remember correctly it was one of the games from the "Cultures" series. How many hours I spent playing it.. can't count, really.
  13. AwesomeHero

    Will you spend real money for games?

    It depends. If I have the money for the games and other important for me things. Why not? But if I could've choose between a birthday present for my friend or a new game..gaming isn't as that important for me.