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  1. jeremy2

    Do you think kids play games too much?

    In my home county not many kids have access to game consoles so the best alternative they have is engaging in physical sports. It's no wonder that many excel in various sports events locally and internationally.
  2. jeremy2

    What do you guys snack on while gaming?

    I enjoying eating groundnuts as i feel they increase my focus and concentration. They are also munchy and of immense benefit to the body. I usually have a can of soda on the side in case i feel thirsty.
  3. jeremy2

    What do you hope to get

    As a young kid,i recall with nostalgia the vivid memories of my first encounter with computer games.I was always thrilled whenever i advanced to the next level in whatever game that i played and i remember trying to outdo my buddies when competing with them.Just being able to advance to a more...
  4. jeremy2

    Companies forcing us to play online?

    I have also noticed this new trend and i think it's intended to generate revenue to those companies.Though they have good intentions(curbing piracy)not many gamers are going to find this convenient.
  5. jeremy2

    MyGamer Credits

    I was also in the dark concerning the credit system but now am more enlightened.Hopefully i can redeem my credits for something meaningful.Thanks for clearing the air.
  6. jeremy2

    How many hours gaming?

    I don't usually play games during the week as my job usually ties me down but come weekend all hell breaks loose.I can play the whole day while relaxing on my couch only taking a few breaks to have some snacks.
  7. jeremy2

    Anyone else get motion sickness from games?

    I used to have the same feeling but i guess i got used to it with time. Most games that i have played made me feel nauseated and blur my vision but is a thing of the past.
  8. jeremy2

    Limited edition consoles

    I just like them plain and simple.The design is also an important consideration for me as am in love with sleek designs.My previous purchase was an Xbox 360 but it wasn't customized.
  9. jeremy2

    getting a console for the holidays?

    Am not expecting any console this season the reason being i bought one a few weeks ago(PS4). We normally have a wish list which we share among our family members and a console wasn't among my list.
  10. jeremy2

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    What a coincidence! I was also hoping to get a brand new PC as a Christmas gift.I have an ancient PC and it really bogs me down especially when i have to download heavy content. I intend to buy myself one before the end of this festive season.
  11. jeremy2

    Cell Phones

    Any Android powered phone is good compared to other phones.This type of phones are superior in almost every aspect and one can never go wrong with them.
  12. jeremy2

    Youtube Addictioni

    Who doesn't love YouTube? I mean,with the endless stream of videos and current music,who can possibly get bored? I myself spend one hour a day watching it.
  13. jeremy2

    Do you think about you the games you play

    All the time.I find myself visualizing about what could happen if i had all those powers and the endless possibilities that would come with amassing such huge powers.But i get realistic and tell myself it's just a video game.
  14. jeremy2

    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    That would be Call of duty-Advanced Warfare.I can't seem to get enough of it.The virtual elements are just absolutely stunning and the gaming experience is just awesome.
  15. jeremy2

    Anyone else watch streams?

    I watch streamers only when i want to get tips on how to improve my own game.Other than that am better off playing by myself and setting my own standards.
  16. jeremy2

    Upcoming games

    Arkham Knight would be my most anticipate game at the moment.The trailer only leaves one begging for more so am sure it will be a hit.Phantom Pain is also a much eagerly awaited release and am sure it will be worth the wait.
  17. jeremy2

    Favorite Youtubers?

    I'll have to give it up to Total Biscuit due to his visibility and what he represents.Brutalmoose also does it for me as well.As for PewDiePie,i think he needs to up his game.
  18. jeremy2

    What Attracts Gamers to Violent Games?

    I tend to think that the two are not related because there are many violent people out there who are not addicted to games. Violent behavior is not necessarily wired to any activity but rather it depends on the individual.
  19. jeremy2

    Trash talk between friends...

    I do trash talk every once in a while but not out of malice but rather to vent out negative energy within me.After a hard day at work,it's most likely that you'll need some sort of mechanism to reinvigorate yourself.
  20. jeremy2

    Most Favorite Open-World Game?

    My all time favorite would be Minecraft.I can't seem to get enough of it.Any GTA game would also be fine to me.