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    Tell me how this happens

    yea it was...ok...i like puttin creates pauses, so it doesnt seem like im rambling on in one sentance....w/e
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    You are dead

    kinda gory????try really gory......thats a weird game....what system is it for???cuz the graphics arent that good....i dunno maybe it was just the video
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    What's the first game you beaten?

    aladdin was a good afraid to admit it
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    What's the first game you beaten? first game i played was on the dos was like doom, or robo cop....original windows...also there was a game that u had to build a city and u had to deal with traffic, population, natural disaters, etc.....that was an awesome there was this game that u...
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    What's the first game you beaten?

    quick question what is Contra and what system....u gotta include that
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    Share Your Gaming stories!

    ok heres my story....i was playing americas army like a week ago...i was on Border with SF mods in place...(for all who dont know....its an m4a1 modded...u usually get an m16) and im on assualt....the round starts and its already a 10-9 in favor of the defense....cuz one person my...
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    What's the first game you beaten?

    hey zero how old are you.....just wondering, cuz nitendo and sega were out like 5 years bfor ps1....i just find it kinda wierd that a gamer first bought ps1....not to make fun or anything....but u missed out on some of the best systems and games ever......u cant beat mario/super mario with any...
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    Potty Mouths

    the only thing that matters is what they use the curse for....if its for an insult then its bad....but if they try to explain somthing colorfully when pissed, lol, and its not directed at a person then its really not bad
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    Tell me how this happens

    ok i ordered from a BFG Geforce 7600 GT sli compatiable (bcuz i got a combo deal with my MOBO..otherwise i would have went better) and they send me a BFG Geforce 7600GS, not sli compatiable.....i mean i know its like the same thing...but come on one is sli and one is no S...
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    Yo! Who Here...

    so what hes trying to say is he was in line waiting for a 360...and he was like all the star wars fans camping out in front of the movie theater to see the new one...and be the first one to see it....get the 360...if thats what he meant then i got it
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    Potty Mouths

    well im not offened by it....using words is a colorful way of expressing somthing.....per listen to one of my many mentors, George Carlin, great man, curses are only words, its what people apply them to, that make them dont get mad at me for dropping the f-bomb.... fuck you...
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    Hey Guys!!!

    lol.....85...i thought all u had to do to retrieve your pw is they send u an email.....what happened?
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    What's the first game you beaten?

    street fighter for sega genisus...i still have it...could hook it up and play sega....i love that system
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    thats a nice thing about ebaums....thanks for letting me know
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    lol...WoW has been out for like years theres alot better BF2...and i just got all my computer parts in today....HOOAH...yes yes yes
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    Movies to games?

    if u want a game like that from a movie...they should make Animal house a movie....that would be great...drinking partying....fighting...having toga parties and alot more stuff
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    True Crimes New York City bug

    i dont think thats gonna be possible....bcuz one i dont have the receipt, and 2 i forgot where i bought it
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    How do you define the term Gamer

    i disagree wit you.....a gamer can be one that plays constiantly and never gives up untill his mission is completed....also u dont have to play all titles to be a be a gamer means playin what u like and thats it.....its like a religion.....sure there are many out there, but none...
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    360 contest

    haha that u will never get "Free" stuff any where on this planet in this lifetime......nothing is free unless stolen or given to u...but still it had to be paid for....but this is a contest so technically this is not for free.....somone had to pay for it......and how will u pick...
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    halo movie trailer

    they say that their gettin peter jackson to direct that the guy from lord of the rings?????and microsoft sold the script to universal so u kno their gonna have good explosions and shit like that