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  1. Andre3k

    Uncharted 2= best game ever?

    Oh yes. Yes I am. :applause:
  2. Andre3k

    Uncharted 2= best game ever?

    I completely agree with you. When GI gave it a 10/10 I was very excited to play the game and as I've been playing, its been a great game, but not a 10/10. Because GI gave Uncharted 2 a 10/10 I felt a little let down, but the game is still great. Just don't think that it should have been given...
  3. Andre3k

    Don't know if anyone remembers me.

    Yeah that kind of sucks.
  4. Andre3k

    Blizzard - DQ, not the game company

    I'm supposed to be getting a Cold Stone anytime now. Never been there before. When I tell people that they look at me like there is something wrong with me.
  5. Andre3k

    Don't know if anyone remembers me.

    I had a boy. He is a year old now. Its crazy how fast time goes by. Too bad it's slowed down around here. It was rolling real well I know before I left. Things will pick up I am sure.
  6. Andre3k

    Don't know if anyone remembers me.

    Has it slowed down around here? I remember back in the day when I would get on here everyday and there would be at least one new post. I check in a couple times a day for the last few days since I have been back and a lot of the times there are no new posts. What's the deal?
  7. Andre3k

    Don't know if anyone remembers me.

    Yes. Foties and tampons. You remembered lol. I had forgotten until now.
  8. Andre3k

    Don't know if anyone remembers me.

    Thanks man. I appreciate it. It has been the best gift ever given to me. Thanks guys.
  9. Andre3k

    Don't know if anyone remembers me.

    At least somebody does. For so long I had no internet, no games, no nothing. I've just had fun being a dad. Now I am getting better at juggling things so now I got time for a little bit of everything.
  10. Andre3k

    Don't know if anyone remembers me.

    I'm not sure if anyone remembers me. I thought I would come back. Had a lot of people here that I knew. I'm just getting back into the gaming world and thought I would say hello to everyone!
  11. Andre3k

    Your local Pre-order Info

    How much is the Wii going to cost?
  12. Andre3k

    What was your first PC Game?

    Diablo was my first ever PC game.
  13. Andre3k

    Fantasy Football league!

    Yeah, so I'm not going to have such a great week this week. I got about two or three empty spots because most of the players I got are heading into their bye week. *sigh*
  14. Andre3k

    Does Anyone Play CS Source?

    I'm looking for some MG'ers to play with. I'm at a buddies house so I only got it for a short while. Just wanted to see if anyone around here played.
  15. Andre3k

    What do you like to drink while gamming?

    Beers, beers, beers!
  16. Andre3k

    Happy Birthday Stan!

    Hey Stan, can't say it any better than anyone else already has , HAPPY B-DAY!
  17. Andre3k

    Let's Make a Story!

    the leader of
  18. Andre3k

    Screenshot Mystery #2 ($ PRIZE)

    Now I have to watch my back.
  19. Andre3k

    Screenshot Mystery #2 ($ PRIZE)

    I want to eat a fat girl..uuhhh.....
  20. Andre3k

    Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

    5 is way good. Better than one.