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  1. imagenscape

    puzzel dragon

    Puzzel dragon is like a strange mix of a puzzel game and Pokemon. You have to match symbols on the bottom of the screen to get your monsters to attack. Its pretty easy to play, and a bit addicting to.
  2. imagenscape

    Life is feudal

    This is a sandbox game set in the medieval ages. It is currently available for early access for Steam for around 40 dollars. What I think is great about the idea of this game is that there are no npcs. Everything you need in the game you either have to craft or trade to get from other players...
  3. imagenscape

    do you pay for games

    Do you pay for games that you play on your mobile devive? Most of the time I play games that are free every once in a while I might buy something if I really want it. Usually its something my children talk me into getting like bubble puppy or card wars.
  4. imagenscape

    the saga games

    The saga games like candycrush saga, pet rescue saga, digger saga. It might just be that I'm not that big into puzzel games, but I don't know what the big deal is about these type of games. I played candy crush for a bit, and my daughter really likes the digger one. While it was a good game to...
  5. imagenscape

    Legion of Heros

    This is an mmo type of game where you do quests. The graphics for this game are bueatiful as far as free mobile games are concerned. The story is a bit generic, but its good enough for you to want to find out what is going to happen. It was a bit laggey on my phone but I think my WiFi was the...
  6. imagenscape

    magic piano

    Its a game where you touch the little glowing dots and it sounds like your playing a piano. Its in the same vein as guitar hero in that you have to hit the notes at the right time, and that it makes you feel like you could play the piano when in reality you could not. There are only a few songs...