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  1. Zuenti

    R.I.P. Naruto :'(

    Thursday we lost the greatest Manga/Anime series of all time; Naruto Shippuden. I really was shocked that it had to end this way. I am really going to miss my weekly manga read :( *insert sadface x1000*. What did you guys think about the ending? Do you guys have any recommendation for other...
  2. Zuenti

    Post your Flappy Bird/Swing Copters/Subway surfer/etc high score!

    Flappy bird is the most awesome mobile phone game out there. I know it's not possible to get on iOS devices anymore unless you jailbreak it. I still wanted to start some sort of competition haha. If you are an Android user you can still get Flappy Bird on your phone without the need to use the...
  3. Zuenti

    Advanced Warfare for PC

    Hey guys, Advanced Warfare was just released and I've been playing the heck out of it. Conclusion; Awesome game with a whole new way of providing the Call of Duty experience. I haven't played singleplayer yet but I can confirm that the multiplayer of AW is a blast. Are there any guys out...