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  1. kwilson

    More Birthdays!!

    Happy Birthday SilentStorm and Aseverwas! One of you we can't get rid of, no matter how hard we try, and the other hung out here briefly and has since disappeared. Hope each of you has a great day.
  2. kwilson

    Shameless Self Promotion

    Okay, well in this case it isn't self promotion - but anyway. Basil has started a novel online. And he's only going to keep writing if people actually read it on a regular basis and comment on it. I want to know what happens next so help me out and prod Basil into writing more. Check it...
  3. kwilson

    Post Your Petty Quarrels Here

    We all love to bash each other - it's often what keeps the forums alive around here. So I have decided to dedicate this thread specifically to the task. Everyone is welcome to come and insult whomever you want. To get the ball rolling: Kurruption's routine of using gender specific insults...
  4. kwilson

    Happy Birthday Bonz!

    Enjoy this special day! Best wishes! Hope you spend the day in a drunken haze!
  5. kwilson

    Happy Birthday RELgames!

    Happy Birthday! Even though you were only here briefly and seem to have left for greener pastures, MyGamer wants to wish you a happy birthday. We can only hope that one day you will return to us.
  6. kwilson

    Happy Birthday Web!

    Happy Birthday Webimpulse. Hope you're having a great day!
  7. kwilson

    Despair Caused by Civ 4

    So I finally got my hands on Civ 4 and much to my despair, the video card in my laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirements. I'm going to update the drivers and see if that works. If anyone else has any suggestions I'd appreciate hearing them.
  8. kwilson

    kwilson nickname poll

    Okay here's the poll (provided I did this correctly). The polls are officially open and will close in a week's time.
  9. kwilson

    Question of the Day

    In an effort to liven up the forums I am bringing back a tradition I started in college. We had one of those white board things on our dormroom door and everyday I would post a new question. While I won't guarantee a new question everyday, I think I can manage a new one every weekday...
  10. kwilson

    Happy Birthday Wijg!

    Happy Birthday Wijg! I hope you have a good one. Remember, alcohol and careers can mix very well! So go get wasted! :birthday:
  11. kwilson

    Ladies Only!

    I have decided that all the current threads are too testosterone addled. So I have declared this an area only for those with two X chromosomes. Any men who post here will have something very bad happen to them. And we do now who you are. So to get things started: favorite celebrity hunks...
  12. kwilson

    if i ever find out who rng the damn bell!!

    Okay so LinkPrime felt like posting new topics everywhere about some new website. I deleted all but one of them, but is there something we can do to this guy for being such a dipwad?