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  1. Zuenti

    R.I.P. Naruto :'(

    Thursday we lost the greatest Manga/Anime series of all time; Naruto Shippuden. I really was shocked that it had to end this way. I am really going to miss my weekly manga read :( *insert sadface x1000*. What did you guys think about the ending? Do you guys have any recommendation for other...
  2. Zuenti

    Steam Community and Free Games

    Well, that is only if you enjoy RPG kind of games. I didn't enjoy Skyrim at all. It was way too dull for me. If you are into shooters however the new CoD is a great game to play. And DoTa 2 is great as well!
  3. Zuenti

    Advanced Warfare for PC

    The maps are great, everything is great seriously! I've been playing this game for atleast 15 hours now and I can confirm this game is the best game of 2014. The exo suit brings a whole new element to the game and it all feels very natural. Just try it out guys and make sure to add me on steam!
  4. Zuenti

    Is it worth it?

    To be honest, I agree with @person2234 . I have owned the first PSP and I ended up smashing it to bricks because I thought it would be fun to do. Real portable gaming is a thing of the past. A mobile phone has enough free options that will fit your needs. And if you do in fact travel a lot...
  5. Zuenti


    So what's up with the steams as of today? Do you guys still stream?
  6. Zuenti

    The future of gaming

    Well I do think that Oculus are making huge progress. With Facebook taking them over things might have changed for either the better or the worse. The good thing is that developing wise, the process goes a lot faster. They have more money and staff to invest on production. The bad thing is that...
  7. Zuenti

    Gaming is love, gaming is life

    Gaming is love, gaming is life
  8. Zuenti

    Windows Phone

    I would imagine it being cool to achieve points on your Windows Phone on the go. I know it's an old thread but I still wanted to know how this works. Are you able to play certain Xbox Live games on your phone so you could receive points? Or does it work like game center on iOS?
  9. Zuenti

    Post your Flappy Bird/Swing Copters/Subway surfer/etc high score!

    Flappy bird is the most awesome mobile phone game out there. I know it's not possible to get on iOS devices anymore unless you jailbreak it. I still wanted to start some sort of competition haha. If you are an Android user you can still get Flappy Bird on your phone without the need to use the...
  10. Zuenti

    Games that make you want to smash your phone

    Haha I was a full blown Flappy Bird addict for some time. Try to top that @Gravis
  11. Zuenti

    What do you play on your Cell?

    Hah, things have changed haven't they? When this thread was created nobody even heard of a smartphone. As of today I play shooters like Modern Combat which is a COD clone and racing games like Asphalt. The graphics are certainly decent and I have to say for mobile devices the appearance is just...
  12. Zuenti

    Advanced Warfare for PC

    Hey guys, Advanced Warfare was just released and I've been playing the heck out of it. Conclusion; Awesome game with a whole new way of providing the Call of Duty experience. I haven't played singleplayer yet but I can confirm that the multiplayer of AW is a blast. Are there any guys out...
  13. Zuenti

    Any other Hardcore PC gamers out there?

    Hardcore PC gamer signing up! I play Advanced Warfare ATM and it is a blast! Seriously guys the game is outstanding. I love the jetpack and the graphics are quite decent. I got a beast of a PC that I have build my own. Total cost was about 1300 euro's but it was worth every penny!