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    Best/Worst learning curves in games?

    I'm looking to pick up some new games with my long unspent birthday money, and I was wondering which games you thought had the best, and the worst, learning curves?
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    AMD or NVIDIA?

    I've been looking to upgrade my AMD Radeon 6000HD series, and I'm literally the only one of my friends using an AMD graphics card now. What are you guys using, and what do you think I should go for next? Other than a partnership between AMD and Intel, there's little more non-numerical proof I...
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    Why are Wiis going so cheap now?

    I've been seeing Wiis selling at £30 now, while PS3s are easily going for much more. Many of the games for the Wii are effectively timeless and I sort of feel it's a sad demise for one of the greatest modern consoles to be dumped on a clearance shelf. Why isn't the Wii holding it's value against...
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    PS3 at the end of its life?

    I've been considering buying a PS3 so I can play some of the games my friends are playing (namely FIFA 16) although I fear the PS3 is near the end of its product life. It's becoming relatively old and I see Sony soon moving their focus entirely to the PS4. Is this an irrational fear given the...
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    Good games for older Apple devices?

    A lot of games on the app store aren't compatible with earlier devices (such as the Iphone 3). Any games I find that are compatible tend to run terribly, however I do remember some games working well on my Ipod 1st gen, and my iphone 3. Do you know of any games that would work well on earlier...